Friday, July 6, 2012

My 4th of July

4th of July was pretty uneventful for me.
I had the day off, so that was nice. :)
My Fiance and I had to babysit his mother's dog. 
His name is Odie (I like to call him Mr. Odie Dodie). 
He had a very painful surgery and needs help when he walks. 
So since everyone else was working we spent the day babysitting. :)

We ordered out to Cracker Barrel and sat in the house watching movies. 
Later on in the night we had fun playing with sparklers. hehe.

My outfit for the day.

At night time I played with sparklers. :)

I'm pretty sure we took 1,000,987+ photos for these to come out right. lol.
It was still fun.

Thanks everyone who left me sweet comments and welcoming me back, you guys are the reason I keep blogging!

Thanks for reading!


Michelle said...

Love the outfit, simple and nice. The heart sparkler is so gorgeous. Xx-Michelle

Schnelle said...

I love your outfit and those sandals are so cute too! That's so cool that you got a heart sparkler picture!!