Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sephora's OPI 18K Gold Top Coat

Has anyone seen or heard about the 18 Karat Gold OPI Top Coat?
If you haven't you should check it out.
So basically, it's a top coat that you can put over any nail color and it has gold flakes in it.
That's basically what they are too, just gold flakes, and it's wonderful.
My friends and I decided to chip in for it since we weren't going to splurge that much on a single nail polish. And lets face it, who uses a whole bottle of nail polish anyway?

At first I thought a nice cream color would look nice, but I felt like it was kind of boring and the creme nail polish for some reason just wouldn't dry so it made it real clumpy, so I had to change it.

So instead I used Essie's nail polish in Fiesta that I purchased in Long Beach Island, and I really enjoyed this combo much more.

It's a very cute top coat. 
If you love gold this is something you can't pass up!

Thanks for reading!


Michelle said...

$30, wow!! I do use up my top coats and base polishes. I'd probably won't use up this one though. It looks good.

Taylor said...

loving the pink & gold combo!! very summery and girlie. i love being adventurous with nail polish too :)

lindah said...

I tried this out in store on my nail polish I currently had on and I totally agree it looks like crap on cream nail polishes! I wish I had a brighter color on instead because it looks awesome on your nail color :) Good thing though, I don't really look at the price tag before purchasing! lol