Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation in iPhone Photos

This will be my last post of my vacation photos. :(
For some reason I found myself taking a lot of photos with my iPhone.
It may have just been the convience of just having my phone on me instead of pulling out my camera. 
I'm not sure, but again, I hope when the iPhone 5 comes out they have a much better quality camera. 
I do love how my Sony Cybershot takes photos though. They're so crisp and you can see everything.

Anyway... the photos are random throughout the week.
Also a lot are from instagram.
I recently fell in LOVE with instagram and I definitely need to follow more people. If you're reading this could you please tell me your username or if you want to just follow me so I could follow you back, my username is vzaleski 

Anyway, here's some photos!
When we went grocery shopping they were selling hamburger cakes!

This is real pretty, I wish I had this for my engagement party.

Yay for Jersey blueberries! And they were delicious!

This was my first day at the beach. It was so beautiful. 

The guys wanted in our the feet photoshoot. Mine are the pretty feet with painted toenails lolol!

My pretty sandals, and I wanted to show how I painted my toenails.

The infamous Chowda Hut, with the delicious New England Clam Chowder.

Relaxing on the beach on night.

If you ever go to LBI you need to go to ScoJo's.
They're famous for the breakfast but I like all of their meals.
AND there is always a line!

My Fiance's friend brought down Patron for us to try. I've never tried it, nor am I a huge tequila fan, but this was MUCH smoother than most.

Shots. Can you see how happy I am to be taking this? lol

This was the beach another day. So pretty.

When my parents came down we went to Hardrock Cafe in Atlantic City and I got their vanilla milkshake.
I believe my favorite milkshakes are from there. 


My oh-so-healthy hearty breakfast.

I love my Nook cover. I swear it saved it from a lot of sand.
Oh how I love you Nook Color.

Ring in the sand, ohh it was only just 2 years ago that we got engaged here. :)

I'm not sure if you can see it well, thanks iPhone!
But my fiance purchased the seashell Pandora charm when we were in Atlantic City. 

This is true! Can't find better sausage anywhere!

My Fiance purchased this little Hello Kitty round ball for me. 
She's going in my car with me!

Another bad iPhone photo.

Well, that's about it!
I'm off to Bath & Body Works and to Littman Jewelers to get my ring inspected! 

Thanks for reading!


*LO* said...

great pics girlie!!! LOVE THE MK WATCH!! I'm getting one simliar- its the parker glitz one :)