Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nic's Nail Stick's review, NOTD & Whale Earrings!

I never review nail polish, I never find a reason too.
But when I tried the new Nic's Nail Stick's by OPI I had to do a review.
It was a complete disaster! 
It was so hard to use and I got nail polish all over myself, literally on my new shirt and my legs. 
The coverage was good, but not worth the $9.00 I spent.

This is my Pinterest inspired nails. 

 This is where you have to "pump" out your nail polish, and this is what ultimately made it real messy. You have to hold the pen down and push this down and it just gets ALL over.

The brush tip isn't much better either. It's real rough and you can see the brush marks in my nail polish.
Oh and when I opened it today as you can see the brush is bent now. *ugh*

Whale earrings!
I can't wait to wear these when I got to the beach next week. 
They're so adorable.
I picked them up at JCPenney for only $10!

Have any one you tried the Nail Stick's????


Skylette from Sequins & Stilettos said...

Oh wow, that would be extremely difficult trying to paint and pump at the same time! And if you're like me it's impossible to paint your primary hand anyway. At least the whale earrings make it all better, right? ;)