Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacation Day 1

If you read my blog regularly you know I recently went on vacation to Long Beach Island, NJ.
I wanted to share photos and tell you about my vacation. 

The first day of our vacation actually started pretty late. 
We are both taking a Microbiology class at a local college to lighten up our load for the fall and we had an exam AND lab that day, so we had class until 12. 
We ended up getting there around 4ish, and just laid around doing nothing but relaxing and getting settled into our home for the week.

Crossing over the Causeway (it's the only way on the island) 
It's my favorite because I know I finally made it!

I realize this photo is blurry but that is on side of the island and those little towers are the cities of LBI.

This is the first time we rented this place and I was so happy we did! 
It was all beach themed, my favorite. 
This was our room for the week. I absolutely love how there is so many windows. I hate to be in any room that is dark, I get real anxious. Weird I know.

Our adorable bathroom on the first floor.
I'm not sure you can tell, but there is little shelves in the bathtub where you put your shampoo and soap, I absolutely loved that. Also the tiling on the wall was so cute.

This was our adorable living room with plenty of seating. 
Again, with the windows and lighting, I loved it.

How adorable is this fire place with the sail boat?!
I absolutely love the decorations, I tried looking underneath the blue candle holders, but unfortunately they took off the prices. Boo.

The pelicans are so cute! I want them as well. 

Our tiny but well occupied kitchen. Had so many amenities.  I love how everything is white.

How cute is all of their decorations?! 
I absolutely love the chair holding the candles, oh and the sailboat. 

This was the guys room. lol. It was where my fiance's friends stayed.

A cute upstairs bathroom.
I loved the door!
It was actually inside the wall and you slide it closed!

I know, boring picture to end on, but this girl is tired. 
Had to stay later at work today so I was kind of bummed.


Thanks for reading!


Schnelle said...

I love how everything is so clean, fresh, white, and most of all beachy! I have one of those vases- I got it at TJMaxx years ago, not sure if they're still around.

*LO* said...

what a cute little house! looks like you enjoyed :) i really gotta get to LBI one of these days!