Friday, August 29, 2014

Hauling in the Bahamas & Norwegian Gem Cruise

Happy Friday!

Who else is beyond excited that we have a three day weekend?!?!

I don't want to think of it as the last weekend of summer, I still have so many things planned to do! Besides weather is still in the 80's where I'm at, so technically I'm still going to say we have some time before Fall is upon us! 
Today I have a little haul from when I was on the cruise. Last year when we went I hardly bought myself anything and regretted it when I came home. So this time I took my time and looked at things. 

On the second to last night on the cruise Norwegian has a big party called the "White Hot Party" where everyone wears all white and they have a dance party. It even "snows" on the dance floor. It's A LOT of fun!

In Nassau, Bahamas I went to this little shop called "My Ocean" and they had a ton of bath supplies. I picked up bath salts, a soap bar and a loofa that is suppose to be an exfoliating sponge. I'll report back once I've tried them. Check out their website here for more awesome products: My Ocean Website 

I picked up this hand made clutch from the Great Stirrup Cay (Norwegian's private island). The island has a market where they sell hand made items from locals on the island. I saw this clutch and fell in love with it, but told myself no, but then I had to, it was just too cute. Besides I can see myself using this for our honeymoon next year. 

When we were ported in Port Canaveral in Florida we went to Cocoa Beach and then to Cocoa Village. I stopped at this cute little shop that sells bath supplies and picked up this bath bomb. 

Great Stirrup Cay magnet

Earrings from Great Stirrup Cay. The fiance actually picked these out for me. :) He has such good taste sometimes haha. 

In Nassau, Bahamas they had this store called Del Sol that everything changes color in the sun, so I picked up these two nail polishes that I can't wait to try. Two colors in one? I'll take it! 

Nassau, Bahamas Bacardi store. 

And last, but not least, is my new earrings!! We went to a seminar about diamonds on the boat the one day and learned all about diamonds you can buy in the Bahamas. Before going on the cruise I knew I wanted to buy a set of diamond "flower" earrings. But I knew I wanted a certain look and size. 
The Fiance picked these up for me for such a good deal: Originally they wanted $1,400 for them, but I said absolutely not, then the manager "worked" the numbers and got it down to $550. 
I was a little weary about buying diamonds in the Bahamas but you actually get a certified certificate for your diamond purchase and you're entitled to an appraisal. We can also upgrade them at any time when and if we ever go back. The store he purchased them from in the Bahamas is called Diamonds International. They have super friendly staff and I couldn't be happier with our service.  (The pictures do not do them justice as they just sparkle so nicely, it was extremely hard to take a photo of them!)

If you're also looking for Movado's for a good deal, they had amazing deals!

Have a great night and a great Labor Day Weekend!


Schnelle said...

That clutch is so pretty and oh- those earrings are so beautiful!! Great deal too!