Friday, October 24, 2014

Kohls & K-Mart Haul with Fitting Room Pics

Happy Friday!

 I bought this stuff just a couple weeks ago and already wore most of it. 

I picked up these three items from Kohls recently. 
  • Fila Pullover can be found HERE $32.99 on sale
  • Elle Polka Dot Skirt can be found HERE $19.99 on sale
  • Lauren Conrad Faux Leather leggings can be found HERE $20.99

 I also tried on LC's faux leather skater skirt but passed because I don't know how much use I would get out of it. 

 I also tried on this Fila zip up but it was too expensive, once it goes on sale I will pick it up.

Fila half zip up.

Two items I picked up from K-Mart from their Attention Line. 
Dress can be found HERE $18.89 on sale
Shirt can be found HERE $15.39 on sale

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. 
Even though I did a lot of shopping last weekend I plan on going out again tomorrow. 
I still have some birthday coupons I want to use up since we're going away next weekend! I plan on going to Ulta, Target, Bath & Body Works and JCPenney. 

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Have a great night!


palmandpineblog said...

That faux leather skirt and dress is lovely. Can't believe it's from KMart. Great finds!

xo, Tasha
twenty-something blog