Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Labor Day Weekend 2015 in Pictures

Happy Tuesday!
Happy Labor Day!
Today I'm sharing tidbits of our amazingly fun weekend. We really wanted to go to a beach for the weekend, so we decided to go to Atlantic City. I got out of work early on Friday and off we went. 


I am still using my Mrs. bag I got from the Christmas Tree Shop. I love this bag. It's sturdy and it was only $8.99. Plus I'm a newly wed, so why can't I?

Hey, it's me, with no makeup.
This is my "no makeup" face. I just got out of the shower and we're heading to the beach.

The beach was packed! This was our pretty view for the next 3 hours. 

This is my mani for the weekend. I'll be sharing my mani & pedi later this week. I am actually really proud of it. :)

Feeling a little crispy, so we left the beach. 

We headed back to the hotel, showered, and decided to walk the boardwalk. It's literally our favorite thing to do in AC. We stopped somewhere new to try Turkey Hill soft ice cream. I have never had their soft ice cream, and it was yummy!
My hubby got fried oreos and he let me try one, maybe two. They were delicious! I've never had them before!

This was us just relaxing on a bench "people watching" does anyone else do this?! Or are we just weirdo's? Haha 

I ended my night with a Lush bath, the only Lush bath of the weekend. 


Sunday we got up super early (5:30) and headed to our favorite farmers market/flea market. We were exhausted after, so we took a nap. Then we went to the beach for a hour. It will be our last beach trip of 2015. :( I can't complain though, this summer was absolutely amazing. One of the best summer's ever.  


Before we left we decided to walk the board walk one more time and have lunch. Of course I had to get more fried oreo's, so we shared an order.  

On the way home we decided to go to the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets. The only reason we went there was because it's the nearest Burberry outlet. So we did some shopping.
The outlet isn't as big as the Philadelphia one. I probably wouldn't go back unless I wanted to go to Burberry again. 

I'm SO exhausted. Today was a busy day at work for me, so I am going to take a bath and relax for the rest of the evening. 

Have a great night everyone!