Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Body Shop Haul

Happy Thursday!

I am busy packing for this upcoming weekend, which I am super excited for!
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I bought a couple of things from The Body Shop that I wanted to share. 

I am probably not suppose to be sharing this, but my hubby wanted this set. Has he used it yet? No. Which means I will steal it from him. :)

These body butters were on clearance for $5 each. After I shower I always put on lotion because my skin is so dry so I like to stock up when I can. 
I believe these were from their Holiday line. 
I love Body Shop's body butters's. They're thick without being oily, which is hard to find. 

The scents I picked up are Glazed Apple and Vanilla Brulee. 

I picked up this Spa Fit body scrub which has a wonderful citrus scent. I have to say I have been using this for about a month now and I absolutely love it. This has been a savor for the summer months when my skin is peeling! It smells absolutely delicious and clean. Not only does it exfoliate but it's also a soap, 2 in 1!This is a must buy product. It is kind of expensive though.I paid $22 for it. You can purchase it here
I'd also like to mention the packaging. The top has a super seal around it, keeping it fresh (I'm assuming) and it's a glass container. Love! I can definitely re-use this. I plan to do a separate post on this product! 

This will probably be my last post before Labor Day, so have a safe and fun Labor Day!!