Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ebay Accessories Haul

I purchased these items SO long ago, probably going on 3 weeks now, from eBay. 
I had no idea eBay had such great deals on jewelry and accessories!
I recently watched a video on YouTube about a girl buying all these cute jewelry pieces from eBay and how a lot of the things we're super cheap.
So I thought I would share my new found love of my favorite ebay sellers. 

Wonderful care package from my family with all my mail. :)

The heart scarf was purchased for $4.19 and is from ebay seller: happybuy12
The skull scarf, something I've been wanting but didn't want to pay a lot of money for.. too trendy you can say, was purchased for $2.34! That's the cheapest I could find it off ebay.. from ebay seller: nancystore1688

Bonus birthday gift from my parents 2 Forever 21 gift cards.
SO excited. :)

 Pyramid necklace, another trendy item I liked a lot but didn't want to pay a lot for was purchased for $2.38 from ebay seller: cnbirdsfly
Four leaf clover necklace in gold was purchased for $2.59 from ebay seller: whbml

The chain bracelet with the bead and tassle was purchased for $1.94 from ebay seller: niceinthebox
The multicolored bracelet was purchased for $1.59 from ebay seller: niceinthebox
 I love the color of these bracelets. I've been looking for bracelets I can stack together and since I didn't pay much I'm thinking I could interchange a lot of these together.

A lot of girls are into the spike/pyramid trend, I like it but again very trendy. I do like how they stack it with a men's watch,  I'm thinking this would look good with my Michael Kors watch. Give my Pandora bracelet a break, and of course my wrist, SO heavy!
Anyway, this was purchased for $1.87 from ebay seller: cnbirdsfly

Love cursive earrings were purchased for $1.75 from ebay seller:kekebuy68

I LOVE these earrings. The love part goes behind your ears and the heart part of the one on the left goes in the front of your ear so the Love hangs from your earlobe. I've been looking for these for ages, and finally found a pair I wanted in the right color. Purchased for $1.99 from ebay seller: you871227

So that is my exciting and CHEAP purchases from ebay. :) All of these items had free shipping so the price I listed was total price. I am still waiting on a few more items so once I receive I will update. 
I hope you find things you like from the sellers listed. 

I am off to watch American Horror Story which I missed last night.
Then off to do my paper. Boo. :/

Have a good night everyone!


Natasha xoxo said...

Cute finds! Can't believe the prices!

xo, tasha
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Beautygirl24 said...

Wow, that's awesome! So many cute pieces at amazing prices! Normally those items go for a ton more!

Raspberrykiss said...

LOVE the four leaf clover necklace xoxoxo

Schnelle said...

I love those scarves! Ebay is the best for cheap accessories. I just ordered a scarf and a few headbands too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i spy some really nice finds!!