Saturday, November 10, 2012

*Liebster Award*

Thanks to the lovely Lauren at Love, Olszuk I received this award.

Thanks Lauren!

A little information about the Liebster Award, if you haven't already seen it:

About the Liebster: It is an award given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 followers.
Liebster means: sweet, kind, endearing, lovely, valued, and welcome in German.

The Liebster rules:

Each person must post 11 things about themselves
Answer the questions left for you buy the nominator, and create 11 questions for your nominees
Choose your 11 nominees and let them know

11 Things About Me:
1. In about a month I will officially be graduated from college with a bachelors in Accounting & Business. 
2. I love Christmas. I love everything about Christmas, mostly being around friends and family. 
3. I love pink. 
4. I fear presentations. Not like jittery fear, like I legitimately fear presentations. I fear speaking in class. Why? I have no idea. I dropped every course I had to do a presentation for. It's a weird anxiety I have, and I'm finally facing it this semester. First semester ever doing presentations!
5. I love taking pictures. I love catching rare moments, and even though I can't go back to those rare moments, I can look at them through pictures. 
6. I love to blog. I have been blogging since 2009. I get into rare phases of random hobbies, but this is something I've been doing for 3 years now. I've met some amazing people, and it wouldn't of been possible if I didn't blog.
7. Shopping, I'm addicted. I can't stop, when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am bored. I'll find any reason to shop.
8. I love scary movies. I don't like girly movies that make you cry, I don't like girly books. I like to watch scary movies. It's my thing.
9. I'm learning more and more how to cook. It was my New Years resolution and I think I accomplished it very well.
10. I did the workout Insanity, twice. I loved it. I love working out, I just wish I had more time. 
11. Pinterest, I'm on there like 5 times a day. lol. It's so bad.

11  Liebster questions from Lauren:
1. is your current job what you imagined you would be doing at this age? I thought at my age I would be doing cosmetology, and working at a salon. This was my original pursuit in life. I ended up going to college instead for Accounting. Right now I am at a internship doing accounting for a BIG school district. I am SO happy doing what I am doing now, but unfortunately it's only an internship, and I need to look for another position, but I am so happy with the career path I chose. :) 

2. choose one and why: winter, spring, summer, fall. Summer! I love everything about summer. I love how long it stays light out for, I love that I get to wear cute dresses and short shorts and flip flops and tank tops, I could go on. lol. 

3. what do you do on Christmas Eve? Christmas Eve I go to church with my family and aunt. I eat dinner with my family and go over to my fiance's house to open up Christmas presents. :)

This is a picture from last year. I always buy my fiance one small gift, even if it's a stupid air freshener. It gets him really excited for Christmas day when he opens up his other Christmas gifts. And that's his mom, really excited for the air freshener lol.

4. What is the most expensive thing you've ever purchased for yourself? Recently? Most recent expensive purchase has to be my Bebe purse and that was $98. I'm a poor college student, so yes, that is how expensive it's going to get. lol 

5. When you go on vacation, how far in advance do you pack and do you find you bring more than you need? I always bring more than I need. But it gives me options. And I always seem to pack the night before or two nights before. That's as early as it's getting. lol 

6. When do you go grocery shopping? My fiance and I usually do one BIG grocery trip once a month. Otherwise after I get outta work or class I pick up things from the store, and he randomly picks up things when we need it. 

7.  If you were going to bring dessert to a party, what would it be? Cupcake or cookies. Duh. lol 

8. How long is your commute to your job? About 10 minutes. I'm lucky, all my jobs I've had (the two total) I've always had less than 20 minute commute. 

9. What is your BIGGEST pet peeve? People who talk to much and people who are lazy. Can't stand it! 10. 

10. Do you consider yourself having a "green thumb" ? Haha NOPE! My mom has a huge green thumb and I just don't like it. The only time you'll catch me doing yard work is at the community service I do every year for Sisters of Mercy. It's A LOT of fun with friends. :) (Me in the middle and my two best friends beside me.)

11. What is your go-to meal when you don't know what to eat? Hmmm, I always snack. I snack on random things. I couldn't tell you really. I normally eat sandwiches when all else fails though.

I choose anyone! Even if you already did it, answer these 11 random questions:
1.)How many hours of sleep do you normally get?
2.)Post your favorite dessert recipe.
3.)Do you instagram, pinterest, facebook?
4.)What is your favorite nail polish?
5.)What kind of self tanner do you use, if any?
6.)What is your go to outfit?
7.)Do you wear glasses?
8.)Did you go to college, and if so, for what?
9.)Do you like water?
10.)Do you have kids and if so how many and if you don't, do you want kids?
11.) Do you like the iPhone 5?
Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice Saturday. I started mine out with some shopping, dyed my hair (take photos tomorrow), made dinner and watched some movies. Tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful out, so I'm thinking of taking a nice long walk in some flip flops. :) Which reminds me I need to paint my toenails.



lauren said...

yay! i loved reading your answers. i usually pack two days-night before my vacations too! and ALWAYS bring too much.

i like hearing about different traditions people have when it comes to the holidays too :)

thanks for answering- ill have to do yours!