Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Old Navy and Juicy Couture Haul

Collective haul from my birthday. 
These items were purchased from Old Navy and Juicy Couture outlet. 

I'm not sure what my obsession with Old Navy is lately, but I am enjoying how their items fit me.

When I went to Old Navy I had a 30% off coupon everything in store
Fleece zip up. $19.94. 30% off: $13.95

Boat neck black with white strips. 
Clearance for $21.99
30%  $15.39 
I just realized I am missing photos! I don't know where they are. I took photos of the detail of this sweater and I have no clue where it went! Anyway there are buttons on the top by the neck.
 I also purchased a blue white white stripped v-neck tee (don't know what happened to the photo) was $7.99 30% off $5.59

Cardigan purchased a separate day for $20

Charms were purchased from a Juicy Couture outlet. 
I have no purchased a new charm in a long time!

Pancake charm with blueberries and strawberries topped with butter and syrup. 
Ya, sounds delicious.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this was a holiday charm?
Does anyone know what is going on with Juicy Couture's charms? 
They had a ton on clearance on the outlet and hardly had any in store.
Not sure if they're doing well?
Rootbeer float!

Anyway, sorry for the missing photos. I seriously wonder what happened to them?!?!

Presentation tomorrow! :'(
Thank god it's a group presentation.
In two weeks I have to do a group presentation for 45 minutes. 
I am dreading it!!!

Have a goodnight everyone!


lauren said...

is that striped a shirt or dress? it's cute!

the charms are precious! what do you do with them? put on bracelet?