Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Love Fall Tag

Taking a mini break from my birthday haul today.
There is a I love Fall tag going around, and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. :)

There is only 10 questions if anyone wants to join in. 

                     1.) What is your favorite fall lip product? I know this is going to sound boring, but I have to say my EOS lip balms. I can't help it, I'm a bit addicted. I also realize how boring I am with my lips. 

My favorite one is the Vanilla scented one. I really was hoping that I liked the blueberry one, but unfortunately I like the Vanilla much more. Vanilla just reminds me of Fall and Winter. 

                 2.) What is your favorite fall activity? I really enjoy the scenery during the fall. Is that weird? I love when I'm driving to or from work/classes the look of the city. It's so colorful and pretty. 

 These pictures are from when my fiance's brother came to visit us and brought his dog.

Walking Odie.

Mr. Odie Dodie is so happy. 

                 3.) Favorite Starbucks fall drink? I am going to have to remix this question and ask "Favorite Fall drink?"  I may be the only one who doesn't drink coffee or Starbucks in this world! So my favorite fall drink is hot chocolate. Preferably Sheets hot chocolate. My favorite!

               4.) Favorite Fall Candle? Right now I am obsessed with Bath & Body Work's Cupcake Pumpkin. I really do wish it came in the three wick candle. Mine is almost gone. :( 

 Hardly any left!!!

I miss you full candle. lol

                   5.) Favorite fall scarf or accessory?  Right now you'll find me wearing these two items a lot. 

I purchased this scarf from Forever 21 about 2+ years ago. I think I spent $5.00 on it. The best $5.00 I ever spent. I don't know what the print is, maybe a mix between leopard or tribal, but I love it and it goes with everything I have. It matches with any of the coats I have too, which is perfect for me.

I went through my jewelry the other night. 
I have jewelry here at my apartment and jewelry at home. 
Since everything is stored in a jewelry bag I don't ever know what I have, so I finally sorted it all out and came across these beautiful earrings. How perfect are they for fall?! I am wearing them today. I purchased them from Charlotte Russe about a year ago.

                  6.) Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride, or Haunted Corn Maze? Haunted Prison!! Went to Terror Behind the Walls the middle of October and it was absolutely AMAZING! 

 Yes, we got our picture taken there. So awesome!

If you know me, you know how excited I was to go here. 
Cross that off my bucket list!
This was my fiance and I at our hotel {ahm Mariott hotel, thanks honey!} before we left. :)

This guy was legit, and scary and waiting for us outside when we were waiting in line. So awesome!

We made it through!
No we didn't see any real ghosts. Bummer. 

We liked it so much we went back the next day to do the daytime tour. 
I have a TON of pictures. Maybe I'll share one day.

                  7.) Favorite Halloween Movie? This movie isn't just my favorite Halloween movie, is it also my favorite movie of ALL time. SAW. 

                 8.) Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?  I don't really have a favorite candy. I'm more of a baked goods type of girl. But if I had to choose, from when I was a kid, I would pick the sugar candy corns and pumpkins.
Our candy filled bowl.
       9.) What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Unforuntaley I didn't dress up this year. Two years in a row, what is going on!?!?! I will share my favorite costume though. A few years ago I dressed up as a cute lollipop girl. 

I am of course the drunken girl in the middle with my lollipop. 
Oh so funny to be looking at these. 

          10.) What is your favorite thing about fall? The leaves! Of course! Oh and I love bundling up.. which leaves me to show you my outfit for today. I layered! 

This is my outfit I wore today. 

 Wearing my Forever 21 green cardigan, charlotte russe sequin tank, decree jeans and alloy over the knee boots. 

And I leave you with my sad attempt for using a self timer. 
I don't know how I use to do it before my phone. 
I'm trying to use my camera more, but I need better lighting!

Don't mind the pink bag on the floor, it's things I'm taking home for Thanksgiving. 

Have a nice night everyone. I'm going to clean our bathroom. :)


lauren said...

ok i've been so wanting to go to the halloween place you went to? would you say it was really scary (i get scared REAL easily).

and eeeek you like SAW? i absolutley hate that movie. tooooo gory for me.