Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nails Inc. Special Effects

On this lazy Sunday I finally decided to change my toe and finger nail polish.
My best friend bought me this nail polish called Nails Inc Special Effects in Topping Lane for my birthday.
I used it today, and I need every color.
The color payoff is absolutely wonderful.
The glitter comes out in chunks and fills your nail with one swipe. 
I did two swipes and glitter overload. :)
I will take pictures tomorrow when I have more daylight.
But I wanted to show you the colors it comes in.
These babies are going on my Christmas Wish List. 

Pudding Lane - teal with navy and gold sprinkles

Sugar House Lane - pastel grey with monochrome sprinkles

Sweets Away - white with pastel blue, pink and silver sprinkles (LOVE)

 The one I am currently wearing:
Topping Lane - pink with cerise, silver and purple sprinkles

All can be found here.