Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sephora & Bath and Body Works Haul

And today marks the day I post my birthday haul. :)
I'm starting with my Sephora and Bath and Body Works Haul.
I'm sure you don't want to go through all 60 photos in one post.

First I want to say that I wish everyone luck on the East coast that is soon going to be hit with the Nor 'Easter.
I hope that everyone is safe and I hope this one doesn't hurt the Jersey shore any more than it already has. 

Anyway, here is my haul.

Has anyone ever heard of the Cavier nail trend?

Here's a detailed video of how to apply

Anyway, I really have been wanting to try this nail trend out because it reminds me of sprinkles. 
Unfortunately I didn't know where to purchase.
Well when I was standing in line at Sephora on their counters was this Ciate Cavier Mini Nail Bar.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I think the cashier thought I was nuts at how excited I was.
What's even more funny is I wasn't the one who spotted this, my fiance was.
He showed me saying how he thought these looked like sprinkles and I grabbed it out of his hands, the people in line probably thought I was nuts too. lol.
I didn't even know how much it was!
Anyway, that's my little story lolol.
 I purchased the piece set for $29.
Quite happy with my purchase and the price.

Includes 4 nail polishes and 4 of the micro beads, and funnel.
 Here are the different micro beads I got with it.

 This is a limited edition set so I would purchase soon if you want it. 
You can find the mini bar set here.

 I also picked up two nail polishes from Sephora by OPI. 
Since it was my birthday month I got my hands on my free gift, the Sugar lip balms. 
I was excited to get them, but was really disappointed in the smell.
Very minty/peppermint scent. I am more of a fruity/sweet kind of girl, so not a huge fan. But I will give it a try.

The rose colored one I have been wanting for a long time. Finally decided to get it. 
Even though these are $9.50 I justify it by how big the bottle is, but lets be realistic how many of us actually finish the whole bottle of nail polish? 
I personally don't but knowing I purchased it for so much I end up using it more than others. Haha

This red one is absolutely beautiful.
I don't have anything like it.
The red is so vibrant!
I also like that there is different sized glitters inside so it does a better job covering.

I had a $10 off birthday gift so I purchased some Eagles undies(no photo) and got this Philadelphia Eagles puppy for $5. :) I plan on putting him in my car.

These items were purchased from a Bath and Body Work outlet.
I use the Sweet Pea shampoo and conditioner when I am traveling and I'm almost out. 
They were $5 each.

I absolutely love holiday scents. Quite addicted actually.
I was super excited about the two pack of wallflower refillables. $5.99 each.
Winter candy apple and sweet cinnamon pumpkin. 
Currently using sweet cinnamon pumpkin in my room now. Smells like pumpkins in my room. :)

I purchased this bow wallflower last year and finally brought it out. 
So cute.

That's it for my haul for today. I will do another post tomorrow.

I have to tell you some sad news.
When I was taking pictures of everything my camera's battery died.. 
I went to charge it but couldn't find the charger.
Turns out I left it at Atlantic City when I went for my birthday so I had to re-order another battery charger from Sony.
I just got it today!!!! :)
So I am pretty excited. 

Have a good night everyone. I'll be spending my night doing homework for classes.


Unknown said...

OMG I sooo need to get that Ciate polish kit! There's a sephora down the street from me so I will be stopping by on Friday! Thanks for posting about it!