Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ciate Sequin Manicure Review

Happy Thursday everyone! I apologize for all the nail polish posts, but I can't help it, there are SO many cute nail polishes out right now. Like this Ciate one.

I bought this Ciate Sequin Manicure set on Sephora a few weeks ago and I'm finally getting to use it. I bought it on sale and go it for an extra 20% off. I believe I spent $17.00 with shipping, otherwise it was $13.00. Which I think is such a great deal for Ciate.
I've been wanting a glitter nail polish that covers the entire nail bed instead of just speckles, and that's why I bought this. Not just for the glitter, but for the glitter grip nail polish that comes with it. I will probably be purchasing different color glitter so I can use it with the glitter grip.
Here's the results of the application.
 photo DSC01370_zpsb3b89f24.jpg
 photo DSC01371_zpsaac9d8e7.jpg
 photo DSC01372_zps244175c4.jpg
 photo DSC01373_zps99ccaad0.jpg
 photo DSC01374_zps8d9ecd6d.jpg
 photo DSC01375_zps45ffde8a.jpg
 photo DSC01376_zps475c07be.jpg
 photo DSC01377_zps5261ca1a.jpg
What comes in the kit:
 photo DSC01378_zps010b7d37.jpg
Now onto my honest review.
I like it. I do. But the application is messy and it takes a long time. You literally need to do one nail at a time when applying the sequins, which takes time. The whole application including drying time took me atleast a hour! Now don't you don't need to apply the glitter to ALL of your nails like I did, you can just do the ring finger. I did it to show you what they look like. Also, because it's my fiance's birthday and I wanted to do something fun and festive, I know I'm a dork. lol.
Snagging and pulling, another topic. It does snag a little bit, especially when you run your fingers through your hair. That is annoying. But I did only apply one application of top coat, I should have maybe done two. Are they falling off? Today I'm noticing the tips of my nails where the sequin use to be is falling off. But it's expected with any nail polish, not just this set.
Would I recommend? I would! It's definitely a different product and a GREAT idea! If you love nails and love doing your nails, this is something fun and new to try. :)
Anyway, have a great day everyone!