Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Revlon's New Nail Polishes & Swatches

I finally was able to pick up the other nail polish by Revlon that I wanted, plus one. I originally bought one from Ulta at $4.99 but when I went to Walmart on Monday they were only $3.97. So I picked up two more that I liked. Go to Walmart if you're going to buy them!

I'm not sure how many new shades of this glitter they got, I believe I'm missing one, but I already have one similar to it so I'm going to pass that one up. They do however have new colors but I decided to pass up on those as well.
 photo DSC01362_zpsdd9b158c.jpg
 photo DSC01363_zps8206e8dd.jpg
 photo DSC01364_zpsb245af1e.jpg
This is with three coats.
 photo DSC01365_zpsac6c43d8.jpg
I feel like the black is pretty messy, hence the nail polish on the skin. The brush is different from the others, it's a lot thinner.
 photo DSC01366_zps10ac892a.jpg
My absolute favorite is the middle, in Heavenly, and of course Whimsical{all the way to the right}, it just took three coats to look that way.
 photo DSC01367_zpsc2e2a3d1.jpg
 photo DSC01368_zpsa5417d6d.jpg
Have a good Wednesday everyone! Today is my fiance's 28th birthday!! I can't believe I've spent 10 birthdays with him! We're keeping it low-key today because he has classes until 4 tonight, I made him a cake though, creamsicle, his favorite. Tomorrow we're going to Atlantic City and his family is going to meet us. So I need to get packing!
Have a good day everyone! <3


lauren said...

how aweosome!! my hub turns 28 on friday and we are going to AC on saturday!! :D

Sarah said...

If you put a light blue or mint green under whimsical, it goes on like a dream,and makes it makes it less sheer.