Friday, February 8, 2013

What I Pack for a Weekend Get-Away

Packing is real difficult to me. It doesn't matter how many days I'm going I always seem to over pack. But not this time! I'm trying to stick with one bag for 4 days! That's right! Well maybe 3, but who's counting. I wanted to share what I'm going to be packing.
My Weekend get away bag!
 photo DSC01383_zps6f20f1f5.jpg
First is my outfit I wore on the way down, this trip is going to take 5 hours for us so I decided to wear my new Spyder tunic jacket. Which is SUPER warm by the way. You can't tell but I'm wearing a grey and pink polka tank under the jacket and my Nike Free's which are so comfortable, they'll be perfect for the drive.
 photo DSC01381_zpsca53c026.jpg
{Please excuse the mess on the dresser, this is what happens when I pack.
 photo DSC01382_zpsf34cef5f.jpg

I'm also bringing some Lush products I bought at Lush's birthday party 2 weekends ago. Isn't the gingerbread man so cute??! He's a bath frizzer. The Mango bar is something you put with your bubble bath that makes you soft. I will try to do a review on these.
 photo DSC01386_zpsdbe5ecbd.jpg Now onto my make up bag. These are my absolute essentials and what I use everyday I apply make up.
 photo DSC01384_zpsf8c48bc7.jpg
 photo DSC01388_zps65292396.jpg
Starting from top left: 1. Acnefree toner & cleanser 2. Avon eye makeup remover. 3. Deodorant. 4. Maybelline's eye rewind concealer. My favorite! 5. Hair spray 6. Shu Umera eye lash curler 7. Naked Palette 8. Just bought this new bronzer palette by Benefit will be reviewing 9. Hello Kitty eye makeup brushes. 10. Sephora mascara, need new mascara! 11. Elf liquid eyeliner 12. Everyday Minerals face brushes.
Onto my outfits. Which are strategically picked out!
 photo DSC01389_zpsec0aeee2.jpg
This is my just in case we go out to a nice dinner or just in case I feel like dressing up outfit. It's a leopard print skirt with a denim shirt I plan on tucking in.
 photo DSC01390_zps9cdb165d.jpg
White sweater from Forever 21 and black cords from Macy's.
 photo DSC01391_zps55c4c1c8.jpg
Forever 21 Leopard sweater from a recent hail and jeans with booties from Macy's.
 photo DSC01392_zps71e4d91b.jpg
Charlotte Russe blazer, Forever 21 tank (might switch to black tank) and Decree jeans.
 photo DSC01393_zps63c81ccf.jpg
So those are my planned outfits. Do you overpack? =)
Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Monday!


Schnelle said...

OMG I love those Hello Kitty brushes!

Jasmin said...

Have a fun weekend! Love what you packed. Cute stuff.

viewrama said...

OMG,this is so amazing,I love the post!
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Wish you a nice week! <3

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