Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

This post was suppose to go up yesterday, but there was a family emergency that we have to drive in immediately, so there was no time to blog. Also, I am so sick, and with traveling and not getting any rest, I feel like I got worse. :(
None the less, I still wanted to make this list for you. Besides someone of you may not be celebrating until the weekend. My fiance and I are celebrating Friday because yesterday and today were SO hectic, we need to relax tomorrow, well maybe I need to relax.

So the fiance asked what I wanted for Valentines Day last week, I honestly have no idea. What does a guy get a girl for Valentines day? Well I can't speak for every girl, but here are some of the things I would like!
First is this adorable bracelet from Tiffanys & Co. which can be found here.
 photo tiffanys_zps86062818.png
A Pandora locket charm. Can be found here.
 photo pandora_zps8da61862.png
An ADORABLE charm from Juicy Couture. here
 photo juicy_zps82fbcb45.png
And I think I finally found a perfume I like. The DKNY Be Delicious one. I never wanted anything that smelt flowery or anything like that. This one smells fresh to me and at the same time fruity. I love anything that smells fruity. I don't own any perfume's so this would be nice to start out with. Here
 photo dkny_zps4d403246.jpg
I hope I gave you some ideas, and I'm not entirely too late. Some people shop on Valentines Day right?!?! :)
Hope everyone has a good night. I'm going to rest. I'm exhausted.


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