Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Urban Decay Feminine & Fun Palette Review Plus Hair Bun!

Happy Wednesday everyone! On my fiance's birthday we headed to Atlantic City and I mentioned in a previous post how we went to the Columbus Farmer's Market. Well they sell a ton more besides just fruits and vegetables. There was this person also selling these two eye shadow palettes and they were only $20 each. I love Urban Decay and I love trying out new palettes so I didn't think it was a bad deal.
Today I finally swatched them and I love them. Such great colors! The Feminine Palette has more neutral colors whereas the Fun Palette has all kinds of fun colors, hence the name. I know you can't pick these palette's up now, but I know you can purchase them on eBay for about the same price I paid for mine, so in case you're in love with the colors you can buy it there!
 photo DSC01500_zps3b4f5684.jpg
First we will start with the Fun Palette.
 photo DSC01501_zps97289b1f.jpg
 photo DSC01502_zpse31464f7.jpg
Swatches in natural light without the primer potion.
 photo DSC01503_zps6041669c.jpg
From top left to right: Woodstock (a very pretty dark pink color, but I am afraid of how pink it is, maybe too pink), Baked (a color that is in the Naked palette), Uxi (this is my absolute favorite color, you can't see it in the pictures, but it's a pretty silver color with tiny sequins in it, so pretty!). And then from bottom left to right: Sin, Flipside, and Psychedeic Sister (this is such a pretty purple color!)
 photo DSC01504_zps615812c9.jpg
 photo DSC01505_zpsc4abc664.jpg
I love the packaging on this too. Strawberries!
 photo DSC01506_zpsc422660f.jpg
Now onto the Feminine palette. Right now Urban Decay has a Feminine palette, but they don't contain the same colors.
 photo DSC01507_zps44817a81.jpg
This is probably my favorite palette. I could definitely see myself wearing this one often.
 photo DSC01508_zps5cfa1963.jpg
 photo DSC01509_zps7afa74ec.jpg
From left to right: Stray Dog, Swf (another one of my favorite colors because of the little glitter in it) and Midnight Cowboy. All very pretty neutral colors.
 photo DSC01510_zpsb0148b8b.jpg
From left to right: Aquarius (a really pretty teal color) Dark Horse, and Ecstacy (love this color as well).
 photo DSC01511_zps718e9128.jpg
This palette also includes the Eden primer potion, one I didn't even know existed. But I will be trying out! Anyone try this primer potion? Any opinions on it?
I finally got my sock bun hair accessory in the mail yesterday. I was so excited to finally use it, I put it in my hair today. I feel like a librarian. haha. Can't wait to see hear the fiance thinks! I want to do different hair styles with it, but I have a lot to do today so I only did a real quick messy bun. I will tell you what though, it definitely cuts my styling time in half. It's great!
 photo DSC01490_zps618f21fd.jpg
Can't really see the bun in this picture because of my dark curtains but it's messy and I enjoy it. haha.
 photo DSC01496_zpse12f364e.jpg
Anyway, what do you think of the palettes? Have a great Hump day everyone!


lauren said...

the palettes look nice!! im so not a makeup person by any means, so i think they all start to look the same :)

i love the sock bun. well, wait, is it a sock bun? what kind of thing did you use for this?