Monday, February 11, 2013

Urban Decay's Wizard of Oz Glinda Good Witch Palette Review

I finally was able to pick up the Wizard of Oz palette from my friend yesterday! Today I am going to review it and let you know my thoughts on it, and if you should pick it up or if you should pass on it.
Urban Decay has paired up with Disney's Wizard of Oz and created two fun filled palettes for the release of the new movie coming out in March. There is a Good Witch palette that is represented by Glinda, and a Bad Witch palette that is represented by Theodora.
The palette's will run you $49. But they include 6 pots of eyeshadows including 2 duo eyeshadows, a eyeliner and a lip color.

Here are some photos and swatches of the good witch palette, which is the one I decided to pick up.
 photo DSC01401_zpsa57098d8.jpg
 photo DSC01402_zps251bf1c7.jpg
 photo DSC01403_zpse1cc74bf.jpg
This is the exciting part! Urban Decay has decided to release 6 BRAND NEW eyeshadows to this palette. And if you're a big fan of Urban Decay's eyeshadows you will love this palette for it! These are 6 brand new colors!
 photo DSC01404_zpsdd2b1a5b.jpg
The card has a look you can try out with all the 6 new colors. Which is something my friend tried out over the weekend and she said she loved it.
 photo DSC01405_zps8a6bf0a6.jpg
 photo DSC01406_zps1698d25a.jpg
Now onto the good stuff, the shadows. Here's what you will get if you purchase it.
 photo DSC01407_zps44a72309.jpg
Swatches on my arm from top to bottom
 photo DSC01409_zpse71b6a23.jpg
The bottom row from left to right is: Illusion, Oz, South
 photo DSC01410_zps324f7113.jpg
The center colors come up real light in the photo, but believe me in person they are NOT, they are a beautiful iridescent color! They're actually my favorite! The top from left to right are: Torndao, Auro, Magic
 photo DSC01411_zps1cf6e909.jpg
Swatches of the lip and eyeliner.
 photo DSC01412_zps5b86affa.jpg
Eyeliner is in Rockstar. Which is a nice color!
 photo DSC01413_zpsbf786f7b.jpg
Lip color is SUPER smooth and creamy, there is no color name just this:
 photo DSC01414_zpsc8ea1d8e.jpg
Would I recommend this? Yes! I know a lot of people are saying it's expensive for a palette, but you're getting 6 brand new shadows from Urban Decay's line and a full size lip color! I love all of the colors in the palette, and I think they're something I would wear every day. The whole reason I passed up on the bad witch palette is because it's very dark shadows and a deep red lip, something I can't see myself wearing everyday, just at nights. So go out there and buy it!!
I just came home from a weekend away and I have a huge makeup haul to share this week! I can't wait to show you everything. But for now, I have a sneak photo of the things I purchased:
 photo DSC01415_zps0f99ad32.jpg
Have a good day everyone!
Will you be purchasing of the palettes, or are you going to pass on them?


Jasmin said...

The palette looks cute! I'm still deciding if I should purchase it. I love the concept of the Wizard of Oz Glinda look. I saw Wicked a few years ago, and I loved it!

Schnelle said...

That palette has some gorgeous colors! Urban Decay can do no wrong in my book.