Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Collective Haul / Forever 21 & Bath and Body Works

Happy Tuesday everyone! I woke up to the ground covered in snow this morning. It looks so beautiful and bright out. I'm cleaning up our bedroom today and bringing out the new lamps I bought. I'm really excited actually. haha. Our night stands look so bare, so it'll make it look nicer.
Anyway, I have a haul for you guys today! When we went to Atlantic City with the fiance and his family we did a little shopping at the outlets. I stopped at Forever 21 and Bath & Body Works because I had a coupon. I actually think his mom did more shopping than me, she bought a bunch of stuff! Something she never does, so that was good.
Forever 21 didn't really have much I liked, plus I didn't have a lot of time to look, so I only picked up a few things. I found a ton of cute accessories, especially for summer, but I was good and only picked up a few things.
 photo DSC01431_zpsc3abc836.jpg
The nautical items were only $1.50 each. The flower earrings were $2.80 and the set with the cupcake earrings were $3.80
 photo DSC01432_zps0cafef26.jpg
 photo DSC01433_zps343337cc.jpg
 photo DSC01434_zps7718291b.jpg
I also picked up this adorable penguin sweater for $22.80. It was kind of expensive, but I had a gift card.
 photo DSC01430_zps2c3ad37b.jpg
 photo DSC01439_zps8e1fc5ac.jpg
Here's a few fitting room pictures as well.
 photo IMG_2426_zps7c1c10be.jpg
 photo IMG_2427_zpsda92645f.jpg
 photo IMG_2429_zps831a51b7.jpg
Here's my outfit that I wore that day. Forever 21 leopard sweater shown in a previous post. Unfortunately I didn't get to take pictures of all my outfits for the weekend, but here's one. Better than nothing!
 photo IMG_2430_zps1e90949b.jpg
At Bath and Body Works I needed to pick up another shower gel, and I had a coupon for a free item of your choice, so I picked up a new puff for the fiance. He needed one and he loves orange. They had a ton of cute new spring stuff though. I want to go back to pick up one of their new body sprays. It smells like strawberries, it smells so good. :)
 photo DSC01435_zpsfa6acaf8.jpg
 photo DSC01436_zpsf1822c4f.jpg
On our way home we also stopped at a farmers market. But it's not just a farmers market they sell all kinds of stuff. Like these candles. The fiance and I love the way they smell, and they last forever. Plus for a big jar it's only $6.95, but we picked up two small ones for $5.00! I actually love the small little jars. I think they're adorable. I want to keep them after and do something with them. What do you think? Any ideas?
As you can tell I already started burning the Buttercream candle. The blueberry pie candle is lite in our kitchen today. MmMmM.
 photo DSC01437_zpsc331f8b2.jpg
 photo DSC01438_zps2a7f075a.jpg
Leave me know if you have any ideas of what I can do with the little candle jars when I'm done. I'm clueless. The only thing I can think of is to put candy in them.
Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Jasmin said...

Cute haul!! Love the earrings.

Unknown said...

I want all that! :D


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Jonnessa said...

So cute earings. Love the cupcake one the most. :)
Would you like to follow each other? Follow me if you want and I'll be happy to follow you back. :)

Unknown said...

aghh, saw another blogger post about those earrings. I want them, the anchors - I guess J. Crew sells a similar pair for like $18 or something.