Monday, February 25, 2013

Sephora Haul Benefit's The Bronze of Champions Review

Happy Monday! I have a little haul for you guys today. It's some things I purchased at Sephora in King of Prussia when we went for our 10 year anniversary to Philadelphia.
I went in there for the sole purpose of trying out the Hoola bronzer by Benefit I read about on a blog. I have been using Lorac's bronzing powder and it has a bit of shimmer to it. Since I'm so pale now, I no longer like the way it makes my skin look. So I wanted to try something more matte. After reading a ton of reviews I wanted to give it a try.
I kind of lucked out when I went there because they were having a Benefit promotion. There was two girls from Benefit doing make up and the girl I went to to ask about the bronzer actually ended up doing all of my makeup with Benefit. I felt so pampered! :) I told her I wanted to try out Benefit's Hoola and she showed me this whole kit.
I have been applying bronzer wrong this whole time! Yup. I always thought you put it in the hollow's of your cheeks turns on you put it on the upper part of your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. She made me look tan and I'm SO pale! (I will show you a photo) Anyway I ended up using this whole kit all weekend and I'm in love with it. Since she did my makeup she also gave me a free Benefit makeup bag!
 photo DSC01483_zpsde711ad7.jpg
 photo DSC01484_zps253ba599.jpg
I also had 100 points to redeem so I am going to give this Tarte BB foundation a try! I will do a review once I try it.
 photo DSC01485_zpsbc3a2d82.jpg
 photo DSC01486_zpsefba8976.jpg
 photo DSC01487_zps92834cc1.jpg
 photo DSC01488_zps14c27025.jpg
A little tutorial.
 photo DSC01489_zps0f47724f.jpg
My make up! The day she did it.
 photo IMG_2285_zpsd6e1f46d.jpg
The kit costs $32 for everything. Which I didn't think was bad considering the bronzer was $28 itself. If and when I run out of it, I'll just purchase the bronzer, I always think it's fun to try new products even if they're small sized. She used Benefit's "Watt's up!" on me too in that picture. It's a highlighter and it's wonderful. I feel like I need to review just that. It's a great product! And I have sensitive skin and tend to break out easily so because I didn't break out from any of the products is amazing. I'm really pleased.
Anyway, don't forget to enter my giveaway which will end on March 15! Enter HERE. Have a great Monday everyone!


Jasmin said...

Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing.

lauren said...

you look GREAT!! love the hair (i think i saw this before) ? you might have just inspired me to go grab that kit!!!

lindah said...

You look stunning my dear!! (: I really liked my hoola, but for some reason my NARS laguna always worked better for me so I blog sale my hoola away. Hope you have great luck with the benefit products!! Watts up is totally on my list, especially because it doesn't look retardedly light on my skin tone ;)

(Still can't get over how great your hair looks!)