Monday, February 4, 2013

Ulta & Victoria Secrets Haul

Happy Monday everyone! I have a small haul for you today from this past weekend. Friday night we decided to get a bite to eat and do a little bit of shopping. We honestly just wanted to get out of the apartment for the night. Haha.
I did however see the new Wizard of Oz palettes at Ulta and they're beautiful! My best friend gets a discount on Sephora so she picked one up for me. I can not wait to get it! Whenever the fiance and I decide to go in I will do a review on it. I know when I was at Ulta there was a lot left, but it was the first day of the release, not sure if they have any more now.
What I really wanted was a nail polish by Revlon I saw a girl do a review on, but they didn't have the one I wanted but I picked up another one. The color of it is called Whimscal. I love the blue color and I love that there is glitter in the nail polish as well. It reminds me of the Nails Inc. ones, but at a much cheaper cost. $4.99. I still want the other color so I'm heading to Wal-Mart today to see if they have it.

 photo DSC01351_zps9cc5d26e.jpg
 photo DSC01352_zps39dc734b.jpg
 photo DSC01353_zps7f548f5b.jpg
We also stopped at a book store because I am looking to buy self help books for my anxiety{New Years resolution} and I stumbled across these Vanilla scented nail polish remover pads. I'm running low on nail polish remover so I'm going to give these a try. $2.49
 photo DSC01354_zps1b0484b4.jpg
 photo DSC01355_zps35f3c900.jpg
I don't know about you but the Victoria Secrets Pink cheekster's are every where and since I had a gift card I thought I would give them a go. Unfortunately I only picked up two and the others are all different ones. Do you notice a color I'm loving? It's the beautiful seagreen color. I love it.
 photo DSC01357_zpsbe84ae68.jpg
Anyway, have a wonderful Monday everyone!