Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY Dry Erase Picture Frame

Happy Tuesday!

The fiance and I went to the beach over the weekend and a farmers market. 
I had a blast! 
I have SO much to share, but need to gather my things together and take pictures. I even purchased things for the giveaway. 

Anyway, I put together this dry erase picture frame for my office. It's absolutely perfect and fits so well in my office, I love it. I'm still working on my office, but once it's all put together I will share pictures. {It's SO hard to find time to decorate!}

So this is what we're making today:

You will need:
1.) 8x10 picture frame. Mine was purchased from Joann's for $4.00, but Wal-Mart has them right now for $3.00!
2.) Paper to print on
3.) Ribbon
4.) Dry erase marker

The paper I found on pinterest and you can print from HERE


I just put it in a picture frame and hot glued the bow onto it and tied ribbon to the marker.


Have a great Tuesday night!
I need to catch up on reading blogs!!  


Lolli K said...

This is soo cute! such a good idea :) great blog

Lorraine xx

Holly said...

Cute!! I love the title of the to-do list :)