Friday, July 5, 2013

My 4th of July

Happy Friday!

This was an odd work week for me. 
Yesterday I was off, today I worked, now I'm off the weekend. 
I am not complaining though.

I just painted my toenails an awesome silver chrome nail polish. I can't wait to take pictures tomorrow and share. 
Is anyone else into the chrome nail trend?

I don't have much to post about today, so I'm going to post about the 4th. 

The fiance and I didn't do much. 
It was one of those random days. 
Which is my favorite because nothing is planned and whatever happens.. happens. 
And most of the time it's a good thing!

Like yesterday, we discovered the most amazing park where we are living. 
It's a park you have to travel up a very HIGH mountain to get up to, but once you're up there it's totally worth it! 

I need to side track here for a minute. My fiance and I have been wanting to cook something on the grill SO bad, but because we live in an apartment complex there is no grill. *insert sad face*
What do most people do on the 4th? Grill.
 What does both of our families do on the 4th? Grill.

So needless to say we were missing the grill, and some delicious grilled hot dogs. 
Well we can't have any, but guess what we found?
We get to the top of this mountain, and there are 5 public grills with picnic tables!

Thank the Lord! 
We can now grill this summer. :)

Anyway, so we find these holy grail grills and then we go over to where everyone is looking over. 
We go over to this cliff and you can see the entire view of where we live. It was absolutely breath taking. It was so beautiful up there I wish I could have spent all day there. 
So I'm going to share my experience through pictures. And it's funny because I literally took my camera out of my purse the night before, so I only had my phone. But that's ok! I was still able to capture the beautiful scene!


And we ended our fourth by watching the sunset. 
It was so beautiful. 

Such a fun day. :)
I'm home for the weekend, and I'm excited to spend time with friends and family. 

Have a great weekend!
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Holly said...

What a beautiful find! Looks like the perfect way to spend the fourth...well, minus the lack of grill able foods :). Next time you'll have to bring a picnic! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!