Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Shopping

Let's just say it was a Monday. It was one of those Monday's that everything seems to happen at once and no matter what you do something else happens. Let's hope that doesn't set the tone for the rest of the week! 
I hope you had a better Monday than I did. 

I had a great weekend though! 
I also did some shopping. 
I didn't get to go to the Vicki's semi-annual sale.. well because I didn't know it was going on! :/ Bummer. 
Not like I honestly needed another hoodie.. but still!

So I stopped at a local Vicki's, which is really small by the way. But they had 50% off the lowest ticket, so I picked up two things. 

I'm such a sucker for their Pink line. Will I ever get too old for this line?
Probably. Will I stop wearing it? Maybe, but maybe only the things that have Pink all over it. Who doesn't love their yoga pants? Such good quality! 
So I picked up a hoodie for $13.49, such fun colors! And I also picked up these awesome skull running shorts for $9.00. 
So get your butt to your local Victoria Secrets for their good end-of-sale-sales. :)

 photo DSC02431_zpse190f8a8.jpg  photo DSC02432_zps1be095b9.jpg 

 I also picked up new hair ties. I always lose mine! 

 photo DSC02433_zpsd956dfa6.jpg 

I need to get back into running, or working out, or something. Is anyone with me?
I need to do something. I sit in an office all day, with little to no movement.

Also, if you bought anything, I'd love to hear about! What did you buy this weekend, find any good deals?

How do you keep in shape while working in an office setting?

Have a good night.
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Holly said...

I'm back to running tomorrow morning after a week or so off :) whoops! My husband and I love to rock. Climb, though, so we've been doing that too.
Love the running shorts!!