Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Recap: Random trip to Philly & New Jersey

Happy Monday!

Isn't that what summer is about? Not just vacations but taking random - unplanned - weekend trips, because you can? I love random weekend getaways. My hubby (yes, I can say hubby now, makes me blush every time) loves random weekend getaways as well. 
This past weekend, after work, my hubby & I took a trip to Philadelphia and to New Jersey. 

Here's the weekend in photos:

Leaving work on Friday with clear blue skies makes me happy & excited for what the weekend holds.


Here's my outfit for a day of shopping.  

(Wal-Mart white blazer, Target blue tank, Wal-Mart shorts, Charlotte Russe necklace, Michael Kors watch)

My hubby & I happy to spend the weekend together. 

We went to the King of Prussia mall first for lunch, but Sephora is near and I just had to stop in. I was looking for new liners so, of course, I had to test all of them on my hand (joking, but hubby thought I was). I'll reveal which one I picked later this week, but this is what my hand looked like the remaining part of our day. Some of these eyeliners really do have some great staying power!

So, of course, I made a purchase or 2. :)
We also went to the outlets, because I adore them so much, I can't help myself. 

We went to the Columbus, NJ flea market/farmer's market. 
I have been craving Jersey corn, so I picked some up for us for dinner some time this week. 
Not to mention I picked up a bunch of fruit. Got to love Jersey fresh!  

Blueberries, strawberries, watermelon - oh my!
We picked up a different watermelon this time, it's called Sugar Baby watermelon. And it's actually a lot darker on the outside and much sweeter on the inside. It is really delicious and next time we go I need to pick up more. 
As soon as we got home Sunday I cut up all the fruit and made myself little fruit salad's for lunch. 

Today was a late day for me at work, I had to stay for a board of director's meeting. So I'm really tired, so please excuse my lack of excitement! But I truly do love random weekend getaways. I hope there is more before this summer is over. :)

Have a great night!


Inge Jane said...

I love random trips! My husband are going to Philly tomorrow to go to the zoo, randomly! haha