Thursday, November 15, 2012

Haul & Dark Hair!

Just a little note: I am still not doing posting photos from my birthday, but I am taking a break to post about a little haul I did over the weekend and my hair.

A new clothing store opened up in my area and I wanted to check it out. 
It's called Label Shopper.
Not sure if anyone has ever heard of this store before?
Anyway, I decided to check it out to see what they have.
I was really surprised when I found they sell American Eagle jeans, sweaters, shirts. Aerie products, Express, all at a discount! I'm assuming it's old stock, or over stock, because I have seen these items in the stores. I picked up two things. A skirt from Express that cost me $12.99, and a sweater for $11.99.

This skirt is so pretty. I love th buttons down the front. Would be perfect for the holidays!

I bought this in a size medium so it would be bigger on me. 
I love the print of it.

 Picture of the back of it. Would be cute with leggings.

Now onto my hair...
I always have such a hard time with this. 
I like when I am tan with highlights.
In the winter I always go to a light blonde because I get so pale and I don't want to look sickly. lol
Which usually ends up having anyway because I am so pale!
I am using self tanner, I assure you! I would be much paler in these photos if I didn't.
Anyway, it's a love hate relationship right now for me. 
I dyed my hair really dark this time.
My mom says she loves me with dark hair.
I've gotten all kinds of compliments, now I need your input!! 
The fiance loves it actually, says I look younger, which is always a good thing!! :)

Roots. :(


Ok, I am totally camwhoring in the next few photos. 
But be honest! 
It does show up a lot light only because I am in the light.

Ok, that's enough of me.
SO, what do you think? 
Go back to highlights?

Have a good Thursday everyone!


lauren said...

i really like the color on you!!!!! its hard to tell how dark it is exactly from the lighting (as you stated) at some point this weekend take more pics so we can see!!

cute skirt!