Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snowflake Nails

Decided to go with a snow theme with my nails today. I got to use my new Sally Hansen nail decals and my new Nicole by Opi nail polish. I decided to do the accent nail again with my Sally Hansen strips. I figure this gives me two uses with the strips instead of just one. The Nicole by Opi nail polish is from TJMaxx and came in a two pack I blogged about before. The nail color is called "Nothing Kim-Pares to Blue", unfortunately by the Kim Kardashian line. I love the blue and the tiny little speckles in it. So pretty!
 photo DSC01545_zps5422e45b.jpg
 photo DSC01547_zps865bd0cf.jpg
 photo DSC01548_zps55af03fe.jpg
Have a great Thursday everyone! I'm off to make some dinner. :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Urban Decay Feminine & Fun Palette Review Plus Hair Bun!

Happy Wednesday everyone! On my fiance's birthday we headed to Atlantic City and I mentioned in a previous post how we went to the Columbus Farmer's Market. Well they sell a ton more besides just fruits and vegetables. There was this person also selling these two eye shadow palettes and they were only $20 each. I love Urban Decay and I love trying out new palettes so I didn't think it was a bad deal.
Today I finally swatched them and I love them. Such great colors! The Feminine Palette has more neutral colors whereas the Fun Palette has all kinds of fun colors, hence the name. I know you can't pick these palette's up now, but I know you can purchase them on eBay for about the same price I paid for mine, so in case you're in love with the colors you can buy it there!
 photo DSC01500_zps3b4f5684.jpg
First we will start with the Fun Palette.
 photo DSC01501_zps97289b1f.jpg
 photo DSC01502_zpse31464f7.jpg
Swatches in natural light without the primer potion.
 photo DSC01503_zps6041669c.jpg
From top left to right: Woodstock (a very pretty dark pink color, but I am afraid of how pink it is, maybe too pink), Baked (a color that is in the Naked palette), Uxi (this is my absolute favorite color, you can't see it in the pictures, but it's a pretty silver color with tiny sequins in it, so pretty!). And then from bottom left to right: Sin, Flipside, and Psychedeic Sister (this is such a pretty purple color!)
 photo DSC01504_zps615812c9.jpg
 photo DSC01505_zpsc4abc664.jpg
I love the packaging on this too. Strawberries!
 photo DSC01506_zpsc422660f.jpg
Now onto the Feminine palette. Right now Urban Decay has a Feminine palette, but they don't contain the same colors.
 photo DSC01507_zps44817a81.jpg
This is probably my favorite palette. I could definitely see myself wearing this one often.
 photo DSC01508_zps5cfa1963.jpg
 photo DSC01509_zps7afa74ec.jpg
From left to right: Stray Dog, Swf (another one of my favorite colors because of the little glitter in it) and Midnight Cowboy. All very pretty neutral colors.
 photo DSC01510_zpsb0148b8b.jpg
From left to right: Aquarius (a really pretty teal color) Dark Horse, and Ecstacy (love this color as well).
 photo DSC01511_zps718e9128.jpg
This palette also includes the Eden primer potion, one I didn't even know existed. But I will be trying out! Anyone try this primer potion? Any opinions on it?
I finally got my sock bun hair accessory in the mail yesterday. I was so excited to finally use it, I put it in my hair today. I feel like a librarian. haha. Can't wait to see hear the fiance thinks! I want to do different hair styles with it, but I have a lot to do today so I only did a real quick messy bun. I will tell you what though, it definitely cuts my styling time in half. It's great!
 photo DSC01490_zps618f21fd.jpg
Can't really see the bun in this picture because of my dark curtains but it's messy and I enjoy it. haha.
 photo DSC01496_zpse12f364e.jpg
Anyway, what do you think of the palettes? Have a great Hump day everyone!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sephora Haul Benefit's The Bronze of Champions Review

Happy Monday! I have a little haul for you guys today. It's some things I purchased at Sephora in King of Prussia when we went for our 10 year anniversary to Philadelphia.
I went in there for the sole purpose of trying out the Hoola bronzer by Benefit I read about on a blog. I have been using Lorac's bronzing powder and it has a bit of shimmer to it. Since I'm so pale now, I no longer like the way it makes my skin look. So I wanted to try something more matte. After reading a ton of reviews I wanted to give it a try.
I kind of lucked out when I went there because they were having a Benefit promotion. There was two girls from Benefit doing make up and the girl I went to to ask about the bronzer actually ended up doing all of my makeup with Benefit. I felt so pampered! :) I told her I wanted to try out Benefit's Hoola and she showed me this whole kit.
I have been applying bronzer wrong this whole time! Yup. I always thought you put it in the hollow's of your cheeks turns on you put it on the upper part of your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. She made me look tan and I'm SO pale! (I will show you a photo) Anyway I ended up using this whole kit all weekend and I'm in love with it. Since she did my makeup she also gave me a free Benefit makeup bag!
 photo DSC01483_zpsde711ad7.jpg
 photo DSC01484_zps253ba599.jpg
I also had 100 points to redeem so I am going to give this Tarte BB foundation a try! I will do a review once I try it.
 photo DSC01485_zpsbc3a2d82.jpg
 photo DSC01486_zpsefba8976.jpg
 photo DSC01487_zps92834cc1.jpg
 photo DSC01488_zps14c27025.jpg
A little tutorial.
 photo DSC01489_zps0f47724f.jpg
My make up! The day she did it.
 photo IMG_2285_zpsd6e1f46d.jpg
The kit costs $32 for everything. Which I didn't think was bad considering the bronzer was $28 itself. If and when I run out of it, I'll just purchase the bronzer, I always think it's fun to try new products even if they're small sized. She used Benefit's "Watt's up!" on me too in that picture. It's a highlighter and it's wonderful. I feel like I need to review just that. It's a great product! And I have sensitive skin and tend to break out easily so because I didn't break out from any of the products is amazing. I'm really pleased.
Anyway, don't forget to enter my giveaway which will end on March 15! Enter HERE. Have a great Monday everyone!

Friday, February 22, 2013

NOTD - Valentines Day / Haul / Giveaway

Happy Friday everyone! It's finally here, the weekend! Yayyy! Since the fiance and I were sick last week for Valentines Day we are celebrating today. We're just going out to dinner, nothing big. But I wanted to do my nails for Valentines Day and since I just bought some Sally Hansen nail stick on's I thought I'd put them to use. :)
First I want to remind everyone to enter my giveaway for some awesome headbands. I've been wearing mine the last two days and I love them. I went to Michaels yesterday and picked up some sequins to add a little bedazzle to the plain ones I posted about. Enter my giveaway HERE. You don't have to do anything but comment, but if you post on your blog about it you'll get an extra 3 entries! You can even post about it on your facebook by sharing the link! :) As promised, I'll be throwing in something a little extra!
 photo DSC01474_zps2b76fea1.jpg

Anyway, onto my nails. I used some of my new nail polishes I posted about. Pure Pearl and Heavenly by Revlon. Some of their newest colors. I love them!
 photo DSC01477_zps884bcd6d.jpg
 photo DSC01478_zps89f564fb.jpg
I did the accent look with my nails.
 photo DSC01479_zps161e2d40.jpg
Here are some things I picked up at the Farmers Market. The stick on's are probably last year's but I scored them for $2.00 each. I also picked up a new white thin brush nail polish. I can't find my other one. :/
 photo DSC01481_zps3b637a95.jpg
 photo DSC01482_zps87c71a6e.jpg

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Monday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Anthropologie Elastic Headbands & GIVEAWAY!

Today I'm doing a tutorial. Something I don't normally do, so bare with me! :)
Who else is obsessed with the Anthropologie elastic headbands? They're being sold every where! I love them so much, I think they're adorable. I know one place was selling them for $18.00 a head band! Insane! Well I found a tutorial on another blog and I decided to give it a try. Something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I ordered the supplies and today I'm going to share how to make them.

Here's what they look like.
 photo DSC01465_zpsc32b6b80.jpg

First of all you can get the elastic at Michaels. But they only have plain colors, I picked up 2 pinks, a blue and a purple one. Each were .99! Plus I had a coupon. But when I went to another Michaels they didn't have them so I don't know if they were clearance or what, but I can't find them any more. Maybe you can try your local Michaels and leave us know! But I went to this website. They sell all kinds and they're around $1.00 for one yard.
These are from that website.
 photo DSC01440_zps949f93b5.jpg
All kinds of fun colors. These particular ones can be found here. They have a thicker width that is 5/8th inch. I got the 3/8th inch.
 photo DSC01441_zps9e310a9a.jpg
These are from Michaels for .99
 photo DSC01442_zps42e70a31.jpg
Onto the tutorial, what you'll need: Elastic, good scissors and clear nail polish.
 photo DSC01444_zps2aae317a.jpg
For an elastic headband cut 22 inches. Although I've been told I have a big head, so it may differ for you.
 photo DSC01445_zps60fdb09b.jpg
At the ends of the headband where you cut use the clear nail polish so the fabric doesn't fray.
 photo DSC01446_zpsa647cd1a.jpg
And tie!
 photo DSC01447_zps7804d7a4.jpg
For a hair tie cut 9 inches.
 photo DSC01448_zps7aac6cff.jpg
All of them!
 photo DSC01465_zpsc32b6b80.jpg
 photo DSC01457_zps302d7bb7.jpg
 photo DSC01466_zps0627c895.jpg
 photo DSC01467_zpsaee989c2.jpg
And I'm going to be giving 2 sets away!!!! And maybe something a little extra! ;)
 photo DSC01474_zps2b76fea1.jpg
 photo DSC01475_zpsa019c791.jpg
 photo DSC01476_zpsdc832565.jpg
So if you want to win the 2 sets and a little surprise, comment below! Make sure you're a follower, and if you want 3 extra entries post onto your blog and let me know if you did! I haven't decided an end date for this. I will post when I do.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Collective Haul / Forever 21 & Bath and Body Works

Happy Tuesday everyone! I woke up to the ground covered in snow this morning. It looks so beautiful and bright out. I'm cleaning up our bedroom today and bringing out the new lamps I bought. I'm really excited actually. haha. Our night stands look so bare, so it'll make it look nicer.
Anyway, I have a haul for you guys today! When we went to Atlantic City with the fiance and his family we did a little shopping at the outlets. I stopped at Forever 21 and Bath & Body Works because I had a coupon. I actually think his mom did more shopping than me, she bought a bunch of stuff! Something she never does, so that was good.
Forever 21 didn't really have much I liked, plus I didn't have a lot of time to look, so I only picked up a few things. I found a ton of cute accessories, especially for summer, but I was good and only picked up a few things.
 photo DSC01431_zpsc3abc836.jpg
The nautical items were only $1.50 each. The flower earrings were $2.80 and the set with the cupcake earrings were $3.80
 photo DSC01432_zps0cafef26.jpg
 photo DSC01433_zps343337cc.jpg
 photo DSC01434_zps7718291b.jpg
I also picked up this adorable penguin sweater for $22.80. It was kind of expensive, but I had a gift card.
 photo DSC01430_zps2c3ad37b.jpg
 photo DSC01439_zps8e1fc5ac.jpg
Here's a few fitting room pictures as well.
 photo IMG_2426_zps7c1c10be.jpg
 photo IMG_2427_zpsda92645f.jpg
 photo IMG_2429_zps831a51b7.jpg
Here's my outfit that I wore that day. Forever 21 leopard sweater shown in a previous post. Unfortunately I didn't get to take pictures of all my outfits for the weekend, but here's one. Better than nothing!
 photo IMG_2430_zps1e90949b.jpg
At Bath and Body Works I needed to pick up another shower gel, and I had a coupon for a free item of your choice, so I picked up a new puff for the fiance. He needed one and he loves orange. They had a ton of cute new spring stuff though. I want to go back to pick up one of their new body sprays. It smells like strawberries, it smells so good. :)
 photo DSC01435_zpsfa6acaf8.jpg
 photo DSC01436_zpsf1822c4f.jpg
On our way home we also stopped at a farmers market. But it's not just a farmers market they sell all kinds of stuff. Like these candles. The fiance and I love the way they smell, and they last forever. Plus for a big jar it's only $6.95, but we picked up two small ones for $5.00! I actually love the small little jars. I think they're adorable. I want to keep them after and do something with them. What do you think? Any ideas?
As you can tell I already started burning the Buttercream candle. The blueberry pie candle is lite in our kitchen today. MmMmM.
 photo DSC01437_zpsc331f8b2.jpg
 photo DSC01438_zps2a7f075a.jpg
Leave me know if you have any ideas of what I can do with the little candle jars when I'm done. I'm clueless. The only thing I can think of is to put candy in them.
Have a great Tuesday everyone!