Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY Baby Tie and Suspender Onesie

Happy Thursday!

So I have all these DIY posts that I have been saving until after my best friends baby shower, and I'm going to finally post about them now. 

I have a ton of pictures to share of the baby shower too. 
It was a total Pinterest inspired baby shower, and it was perfect. :)
I'm so happy for her and how everything turned out. 

I did manage to make some things for her and one of them is this baby onesie. 

You will need:
1.) Onesie :)
2.) Thread color of your choice
3.) Ribbon (for suspenders)
4.) Fabric of your choice (I bought mine from Joann's)

 photo DSC02260_zps3bebcbaa.jpg 

 I made my own template for the tie. I just drew it free hand. 

 photo DSC02258_zpsdbe3e067.jpg 

 I don't own a sewing machine so I hand sewn this. (It took a long time, so I would recommend a sewing machine!) 

 photo DSC02259_zps8ec229f6.jpg  photo DSC02261_zps58df952d.jpg  photo DSC02262_zpsd3c246ce.jpg  photo DSC02264_zps92f1114a.jpg  photo DSC02265_zpsd7ec4e54.jpg 

That's pretty much it!
It was so much fun to make.
I think it's adorable. :)

Have a great night!

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Holly said...

How adorable! What a cute idea!!

Schnelle said...

So cute! It came out great. Nothing better than a handmade gift from the heart.

Orchard Girls said...

This is so adorable! New follower, via bloglovin'. Thank you for following along with us too over at Orchard Girls

Chica_ver said...

This is SO CUTE! Exactly what i was looking for on your pinterest ^.^