Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Day 1

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I've decided to continue on blogging about my Wedding. I miss it so much that it's all I think about. Since I didn't post everything I wanted to, I decided to keep it running until I have nothing else to blog about. 
I've decided to do a series of Honeymoon posts, talking about my trip to Jamaica. 

We originally wanted to do Bora Bora, but after looking at costs we decided against it. We knew we wanted to do an all inclusive resort with couples only and it had to be somewhere we had to fly because we both have never flown before. 

After looking at many options we decided to go with Couples Resort, Negril, Jamaica. 

Onto Day 1 of our journey:

Like I said before, we have never flown before, so this was definitely an experience. Luckily we had my hubby's brother guide us through the process. Which isn't that bad once you get the hang of what you're suppose to do. 
We flew US Airways.

I was lucky enough to switch seats with the person who had window seat. Not to mention I had a view of the wing. 

We got up super early (4AM early), so we are a bit tired, but really excited to go to Jamaica! 

 I think my favorite thing about flying is take off. It's like a super fast car racing.

Free drinks? I'll take it. Plus I was enjoying my new accessory (wedding ring) so much, I had to snap a photo. 

Once we arrived in Jamaica and went through the air port there was a lounge just for our resort. Which I was impressed with, not sure if all resorts have this? We checked into the front desk of the airport and they got our vehicle ready. The resort took our luggage from there and we had nothing to worry about. As they would say - No Problem!

The resort was a hour and a half away from the air port and I loved looking at all of the scenery Jamaica had to offer. Plus they had adorable goat EVERY WHERE along side the road. It was too cute. 

Look at that Caribbean water! 

Our room wasn't ready yet when we got there so we grabbed some lunch. 
What I didn't mention was how hot & humid it is in Jamaica. I was wearing my Bride hoodie and capri's. Haha. I must have looked like such an idiot. I immediately took off my hoodie once we started to eat. 
And what did we get to eat? Hot chicken noodle soup! Haha. It was very yummy. 

 We sprung and got the beach front suite. After all, it is our honeymoon. 
I do have better pictures of the room that I will share later.

This is the outfit I immediately changed into - tank and shorts. Easy enough. 

The rest of the evening we spent drinking some delicious Jamaican mixed drinks. Let's say we got pretty drunk and passed out. I never understood what people met by jet lagged - but I think that's what I had! Haha. 

Have a great night!