Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Day 3 Couples Resort Negril Jamaica

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

There's nothing better than recapping my honeymoon on a crappy Wednesday evening. :)
Day 3 on our honeymoon we began to feel more comfortable with our surroundings and finally started to relax. Plus we had a fun day ahead of us, which included our first time ever snorkeling. We have been on two cruises before and if you wanted to do snorkeling it was an extra fee. I liked that at this resort it was included in the price. 

Hubby & I didn't have a chance to check our the breakfast buffet so we decided to go on day 3. It was actually very yummy and found ourselves going back a couple of times. The service wasn't that great, but we were on vacation we didn't care! 
On this morning I had coconut water - straight from a coconut. I can't say I enjoyed it too much. It was too warm for me. I tried eggs, bacon, potatoes, ham and french toast with mango syrup. Delicious!

We got these complimentary Couples Resorts water bottles. Because it is so hot and humid they try to make sure your hydrated with water fountains everywhere. They were infused with all different kinds of fruits. So the water was actually very refreshing. 

And off we went snorkeling. The Caribbean water is just absolutely beautiful. I could stare at all the time.  

At this little island the resort would take you by boat and drop you off and you can do "couple things" in the caves. We didn't, but I guess other couples are more adventurous than we are. Haha. 

This was us after snorkeling. We saw so many amazing things. We took our Go Pro - once I go through it I will be posting pictures. 

Hubby didn't realize he had his shirt on until he was in the water. Haha. 

After snorkeling we got a shower and decided to go for a dinner. 
Here I am in our huge bathroom. I absolutely love this chair - is it even a chair? Who knows, but I loved it. 

A couple's selfie. :)

How adorable are my hubby's shorts? The whole outfit is from Polo, but look at those little whales on his shorts? I don't know if he liked his outfit but he looks good in it! I copied a mannequin for the idea. Hehehe. 

We're both posing by the door because it's our beach front suite for the week. I couldn't be happier. 
Dress is from Express. 

If you look on the left of us is the beach front suite rooms. We weren't on the 1st floor but we were on the second floor. Beach front suite's include the hammock you see on the left. 

On this night it was Casino night. Unfortunately, we didn't get to experience it because we were so drained from all the sun and snorkeling. I'm not complaining though!
I do love this picture of us though. I need to enlarge it. :)

Have a great night!

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