Friday, June 10, 2011

Engagement Photo Outfit

The fiance and I are getting our engagement photos done this summer despite what is going on with my family. We already paid for them back in March, so we are going through with it. I'm actually very excited for it as well. So I've been on the hunt for the perfect dress for the occasion! I found a few dresses on Victoria but this dress really caught my eye, even before the Semi-Annual Sale. I think it's perfect and timeless. And I'm praying it looks good on! You can't go wrong with a simple white eyelet dress, it's timeless. :) Our photos are being taken on the beach, where I was officially engaged. We're always getting them done during sunset, so white would be perfect for the beach. :) Anyway, here's the dress I ordered:


Mind you, I highly dislike her accessories here, I would go with something different. I was thinking either coral or teal as the "pop" of color. Once I receive the dress, and if I like it on, then I will continue to shop for shoes and accessories. :) So exciting!

***** Look forward to a BIG Sephora haul. The company I work for offers their employee's a 20% discount on ALL Sephora products. So I purchased a BUNCH of things, can't wait to share!


Schnelle said...

Love the dress but I agree, go with the coral or turquise accessories. Are you going to the same beach that he proposed to you at? They're going to look awesome- I LOVE the beach! Can't wait to see them!

K said...

the dress looks so nice~~ your photos will look amazing~ congrats again~~ xx

~ * ~ * Lera * ~ * ~ said...

I really like the dress, I think it will be perfect for the beach! Congrats! :)