Monday, November 14, 2011

Bath and Body Works, Aerie & Victoria Secrets Haul

I picked up some amazing things from Bath and Body Works. I mean they should really just label it Vanessa's. Everything for this year's holiday collection is either cupcakes or bows. I mean really. So when the fiance and I walked in there, I had the intent of buying just one thing and one thing only, the Gingerbread candle holder. As soon as I walk in a girl hands me a $10 off $30 coupon. Great. 
But it was actually turned out I wanted so many things. If you haven't been to your local Bath & Body works, get your butt over their now.

I haven't actually plugged this in yet, but it's suppose to have a bunch of twinkling lights. That's so exciting.

Weird right? It's a bow to place on top of their soap dispensers!  And it was only $2

Portable cupcake scents. So cute. 

BOW wallflower, I mean this stuff was made for me.

And of course, I got what I went there for. How cute is this?

From Victoria Secrets I picked up my free panties. I'm showing you these because I'm curious if any one has tried the ones on the left? They're so cute and I'm thinking of getting more.

And from Aerie I picked up their yoga flare pants. I was super excited when I was browsing online that Aerie carried fold-over yoga pants in FLARE. Seriously Victoria Secrets, what were you thinking when you went away with those? *shakes heads* I'm not a huge fan of their boot cut, I'd rather flare. Anyway, these bad boys come in long, and they're only $19.99(on sale of course) instead of the $34.50 you'd pay for Vicki's ones.


Schnelle said...

That light up cupcake is so cute! Love the bow stuff. I'll have to go check it out.

Veronika said...

those white VS undies are cute!

Stephanie said...

LOVE B&B Works!!! I picked up my free panty too....they are so comfortable...and cute!

AmyRoto said...

You always pick up the cutest things!