Friday, November 4, 2011

Online Shopping

The excitement of my friday night? Online shopping and watching movies with the fiance. :) Charlotte Russe has some really cute things right now and I wanted to share what was in my shopping cart. :) A girl can dream.

Everything can be found in the New Arrivals.
You know, I never understood why people got fingerless gloves.. to text. Now I completely understand and now I need a pair. lol.
I absolutely love these tights with rhinestones, I mean really, how cute are they? If I go to the store and they have both colors I'm picking them up. I have to. I swear I collect tights and socks.
This satin coat is too cute with the ruffles. Plus it'll go perfect with that skirt I bought from there, the polka-dot one she is wearing. :) But I think if I buy another coat my fiance will kill me.
I've been looking for a yellow/mustard coat for a long time now, and the fact that the bottom is ruffles.. too cute.
Believe it or not, this necklace is only $6.00 So cute.


Ugly Duckling said...

That mustard color coat is really nice. I like the necklace too, very pretty!

Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING <3 xxx

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Sally said...

I was eyeing that necklace too! Love. Those rhinestone tights are cute also. I prefer the nude ones. I think you're going to make me shop. =]

Pretty Affair said...

i love fingerless gloves! got a pair in black and in gray from Topshop :) x