Thursday, November 17, 2011

E.l.f. Haul

Over the weekend the fiance and I went to our local Target and I picked up some things by E.l.f. 

There was a few things I wanted to try and I also picked up some extras. Have any of you tried these products? Any opinions? I haven't actually tried them yet, I'm actually just taking them out of the bag to put in my make up storage. I'm hoping to try the concealer, eye primer, & tinted moisturizer.

Very nice packaging on this duo.

Colors look very nice on this, I've been wanting to try this contour set, and for only $3, I don't know why I haven't tried this sooner.

I heard this primer was really good, and it was only $1, so why not try.

I seriously am running so low on my concealer so this was a good buy.

I'll report back when I try these things. Leave me know if you already have and if you liked it or not?


Natasha xoxo said...

What do you think? I've always been leery because their products are soo cheap. Please report back :)

xo, tasha
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Sally said...

Please report back I was curious about their concealer. I have their foundation & don't really like it but maybe because I need more coverage. I loved their face primer though. Just cause it feels awesome. Haha I'm not the best person to critic makeup

Schnelle said...

I have the primer and I think it works pretty good. Nothing beats UDPP though. I would love to try the contouring set, actually I'm going to go looking for it today. I'd like to hear how you like the eyeliner.

minnja said...

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