Monday, April 22, 2013

Cruise Shopping....

Happy Monday!
I leave for my first cruise in 33 days. 
What do I have?
A passport.
Well that is a good thing, but what about my attire?
From what I've been told, I'll be in my bikini and bathing suit cover up most of the time.
But let's be realistic, I need to purchase clothes.

So I picked up two items so far. 
And some from this past weekend {will share in future post}

Both items are from Kohls. And I'm super excited about them. 

I picked up a maxi skirt (which was only $19.99!)
And a pair of sail boat shorts ($17.99)

 photo DSC01723_zpse7b66a89.jpg 

How cute are these?! 

 photo DSC01724_zpsc3c33df7.jpg 

Fitting room pics. I also tried on the yellow tank to go with it, but decided against it. I might go with a chambray button up. 

 photo IMG_2816_zpsa834f0e8.jpg  photo IMG_2818_zps062ede9b.jpg  photo IMG_2819_zps38a5e913.jpg 

So this is the extent of my cruise shopping. 
I have more to share this coming week. 

How do you prepare for vacation?!


Schnelle said...

Those shorts are so cute! I prepare by making a big ok' packing list!

Natasha xoxo said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sailboat shorts!! Too cute :)

xo, tasha
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Bea Mauban said...

love your blog! followed you btw, hope you can follow back :)

Life's too the shoes said...

LOVE those shorts! They'll be so perfect for your vacation!

Holly said...

So cute! A chambray button up would be perfect with those shorts- especially over a bikini top! I'm such a list maker, I plan out the days and what I will wear- that way I am sure to have enough outfits, haha!

*LO* said...

dang those shorts ARE CUTE. what brand are they?

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

How exciting that you will be going on a cruise soon!!! That is awesome!!! Oh, and those shorts are just ADORABLE :)

Jenn said...

those sailboat shorts O_O so cute!!

Kristina said...

Love those shorts! I'm going on my first cruise as well, we're leaving on the 19th of May! I'm sooo excited.

Where are y'all going on your cruise? Since we're from Texas, it's easiest for us to leave from Galveston, so we'll be going to the Grand Cayman's, Jamaica, and Cozumel!

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