Thursday, April 4, 2013

New York & Company Haul and Fitting Room Pics

It's finallly Thursday, which means, we're officially one day away from the weekend!
Happy Thursday!

I mentioned a few weekends ago I went shopping for work clothes, well today I finally got around to taking pictures. :)
Everything was purchased from New York and Company, and I have a few fitting room pictures to share as well. They're my favorite because they're stored in my phone and I could always reference outfits I picked out. Does anyone else do this?

I bought two skirts, a tan and a denim one. Not real denim but a denim finish look to it.

I also picked up two new tops that would be perfect for spring. I love the teal colored one. 


This is an adorable cardigan set. I love the colors of the tank.


And a plain black top and a brown silky shirt, that is so cute on! 


And two new spring necklaces, I think they were only $6.99 each!


And some fitting room pictures.

 photo IMG_2667_zps9d9f3c5c.jpg  photo IMG_2668_zps92a77298.jpg  photo IMG_2669_zpsfc800e4f.jpg  photo IMG_2670_zps5af93612.jpg 

I would probably tuck in the last shirt, but just took the photo quick. 

Anyway, have a great night everyone! I'm off to eat some dinner the fiance made. :)

Have a great night!


ABpetite said...

Oh my cute stuff!!!!

Schnelle said...

Great finds! I love that store but always forget to go there.

Holly said...

So cute! What a haul! I love a good pencil skirt- I have too many to count! :)

*LO* said...

look at that! so many cute outfits with a few key pieces! i really need to try doing this!

i LOVE the blue necklace.

Anonymous said...

hey love ur blog! Visit mine? We could follow each other? :) x

Isa said...

Hello, would you follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Wait for your response :)

Isa said...

Hi, thanks for your dear comment I follow you now. I'll look around times for your Naked giveaway :)

lindah said...

I need you to take me business clothes shopping. I pick up cute pieces but I don't ever know what to pair it with.. lol