Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Forever 21 Shopping

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Over the weekend I finally used up my gift cards for Forever 21.
I wish I could say that they were burning a hole in my pocket, but they weren't. 
It's taken me a few trips to find things I actually liked in there. 
Could be a sign I'm getting older. :/ 

Anyway, like I said in my last post, I am on the hunt for clothing for the cruise. Our first one!
So I'm here today to share some of the things I bought. 
Waiting for the package to come in the mail before I take pictures of outfits. 

$13.80 Here
  photo 1_zps14873c23.png

$17.80 Here

$17.80 Here
  photo 3_zps68acd22f.png

 $19.80 Here
  photo 4_zps42347f6b.png

 Cute zipper back on this as well. $9.80 Here
 photo 5_zpse7c479d6.png

$14.80 Here
  photo 6_zpsed84b720.png

$15.80 Here
  photo 7_zpsa92cce85.png

 $22.80 Here
   photo 8_zps1058d0fe.png

 $17.80 Here
  photo 9_zpscaa104dc.png

Everything is suppose to be here Friday, so I will see how everything fits. 
Let's hope the majority of it fits right.
Forever 21 sometimes runs weird, so I like to read the reviews of other girls trying them out. 

Have a great rest of the night!


atouchofcashmere said...

Love all your picks, especially the mint chiffon shirt! I find F21 to be hit or miss sometimes, but it looks like you found some great items for your cruise!

Sneakers & Stilletos said...

Cute stuff! I have the leopard blouse ;)
I totally prefer doing my Forever shopping online as opposed to their crazy store.I'm too old for that mess. LOL

Hope it all fits!

Schnelle said...

Great finds- love the peplum top & the black buttoned l/s. I haven't been to f21 in over a year bc I've been preggo, Id like to get to one soon but I'm wondering if ill feel the same way too. I'm dressing a whole lot less trendy these days & I don't need "night out on the town" clothes anymore now that I'm a mom. Lol

Holly said...

I totally agree about Forever21 sizing- I have run the gamut between small and large, it's crazy! I also go through phases where I love everything in stock, or can't find a single thing there... Looks like you scored some cute finds!

larissa said...

I agree with the sizing there! I have things from a couple years ago and they are smaller sizes than what I have to get now but the small sizes fit bigger than the clothes I got recent!! But everything you picked out looks cute I hope they fit well!!

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

Hi Vanessa! Just found your blog via the FFF blog hop! I am your newest follower and would love for you to check out my beauty blog! :)


lindah said...

I have the peplum tube top! I'd really suggest buying that one in store. I tried on a medium (since it looked small) but it was wayyy too big. I tried on small and it seemed to fit well but I wish I grabbed an extra small to see if that would've fit too >_>