Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nails Inc. Dupe - Hard Candy, NOTD

Happy Tuesday!

I apologize for my lack of blog post yesterday, after work yesterday the fiance and I laid down at 7:30 and ended up passing out till 5 the next morning. 
We must have been exhausted! 

I don't know from what, we didn't have that much of an exciting weekend. Haha 
I think we got use to sleeping in..

I'm currently away at a hotel, all by myself, about to go to bed because I have a business conference to attend tomorrow. 
I have NEVER been to a business conference and I am SO nervous.
From what I take, it's just listening to the presenters. 
Let's hope so, I'm new to the industry and have very little knowledge. 
Wish me luck!!

And because I'm at a business conference, I'm having two fabulous guest bloggers the next two days! :) 

Anyway, went to Wal-Mart this past friday because I needed hair dye. 
It's time to cover up my roots. 
I have grey hair and I'm only 26.
It's all the stress, I'm telling ya!

So, while I was there, I picked up two new nail polishes. 

I am trying to build my Essie nail polish collection, and I have been wanting this black color. It's pretty!

   photo DSC01726_zps271bc9f4.jpg  photo DSC01727_zps568d57eb.jpg 

Awesome dupe for the Nails Inc. nail polishes! 
This one is in Pixie Pink, but I think it's more of a purple color. 

 photo DSC01728_zps271c9edf.jpg  photo DSC01729_zpsaafe0660.jpg 

What's even better is there is no base coat. 
Which you don't even need. 
I love the color sequins that are in it. 
Plus these are only $4.00 each! Good deal.

Everyone have a good night. 
Wish me luck tomorrow, I hope I don't make that much of a fool of myself. 
It's a two day conference, and I'm missing my fiance so much. 
I wish he could be here with me, but he has an exam. :(



Holly said...

Good luck!!

I really lie that nail polish! And I agree, looks more purple to me :)

Beautygirl24 said...

I am SO getting this Hard Candy polish! Thanks for letting us know about it :)

Potatoes and Pilates said...

Fun manicure!