Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pinterest Lately

Pinterest lately..
Apartment/Home Edition.
I know, holy crap, I'm posting on a Saturday and it's midnight.
Well I'm feeling very motivated, and since I didn't post yesterday {I'm sorry} I thought I would make it up to you today. haha.

I love these posts, I love when people do Pinterest posts, mainly because I'm addicted to Pinterest.
But it's good to see what is out there.
Unfortunately, Pinterest changed and I can no longer used the embed version to add to my blog, so I have to manually save each photo and then upload them. Pain in the butt!
How does everyone else do it, with the new Pinterest update?

I need to do this for my bathroom. It's adorable, but I can't sew, so I don't know how else to do it?
Any suggestions?
This would look so cute in our bathroom.

These chevron "canvas" are actually cardboard boxes. Genius!


These initial is just made from washers you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowes, maybe even Wal-Mart. 

 photo 9fc472c688820fefdcd0aaf6bdef5f3e_zpsc54c95a3.jpg 

I'm looking for something to add to my coffee table, and this is also made out of cardboard and they just added fabric. How genius and affordable!

Some of my cute finds for your home or apartment. 

I seriously love Pinterest, and I will admit it, I'm a pinning addict. :D

Have a great night. It's time for my bed time!


Holly said...

Oh, I love Pinterest too!! Following you now there :)

Lauren said...

Pinterest is so addicting! Great picks girl! xo