Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guest Post: Holly Goes Lightly DIY Pearl Cage Nacklace

 Happy Wednesday!

I'm currently away at a business conference for two days, so I'm going to have guest posts for the next two days.

To start, Holly from over at Holly Goes Lightly is guest posting today, and I am SO excited to have her. 
I love her blog and I love all her DIY's and recipes. 
You HAVE to check out her blog, it's definitely one of my favorites.
Thanks so much for guest posting for me!

Hi Cupcake Couture readers!  My name is Holly, from Holly Goes Lightly :)  I'm so happy and excited to share this post with you today!!

Have any of you been to Silver Dollar City?  Well, back in the day my family made the pilgrimage to this hill billy amusement park (no, really!) in Missouri.  When I was there, I got one of those clam shells that they open for you so you can keep the pearl inside.  Mine was very pretty, and they packaged it up in a little baggy and off I went.

That pearl has stayed in the baggy ever since.  I figured it was high time I do something to make it wearable.  So, I came up with this cage pendant idea.  I tried several variations, but apparently bending metal is not my forte.  Instead, I used this simple spiral to hold my pearl.

You will need:
  • Metal wire
  • Pearl or other round bead or marble
  • Jump ring
  • Chain
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
First, cut off a portion of your wire to make it more manageable.  Then, simply form it into a tight, tiny spiral that is just bigger than the diameter of your orb.

Separate the spiral by stretching it downward, and place your pearl inside.

Then, simply continue the spiral, tightening the diameter as you reach the top of the pearl.

Snip the excess, add a jump ring, and you're done!

You can wear it alone, but I thought mine looked kind of pretty along side a little crystal pendant.
Happy crafting! :)


Amy Shaughnessy said...

This is SO cute!! She is so creative. I wish I had her DIY talent.


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Ask Erena said...

Hello Vanessa! Nice to meet you:-) Great DIY project from Holly! I am your new follower. Hope you will follow me back.

Rona Shainer said...

This is brilliant!! thank you :)

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Fashionobsession-mieni said...

What a cute and beautiful idea!! Your necklace looks really stunning! I think you can combine it with almost everything:)

Hope you visit me on my blog