Monday, April 8, 2013

Mint Candy Apple & Georgetown Cupcakes

Today was a very good Monday. 
I am able to cross something off my bucket list. 
I got Georgetown cupcakes today. :)

Life. Complete.


On another note, I believe I found my new favorite color for the spring/summer. 
The hunt for the Essie Mint Candy Apple was so worth it after I applied the nail polish. 
Worth every.penny. 

 photo DSC01700_zps18d2d314.jpg  photo DSC01701_zpsa7e90fd2.jpg  photo DSC01702_zps53b556dd.jpg

Pretty close to Tiffany's Co. color!

 photo DSC01706_zps5632790d.jpg 

And of course, I'm sharing my Georgetown cupcakes with you! :) Enjoy! They're yummy!!! 

 photo DSC01712_zpse961850b.jpg 

Broke the seal. hehe 

 photo DSC01713_zps3ab944db.jpg  photo DSC01714_zpsdc987a8c.jpg 

Have a great night!


Miranda Lamb said...

every time I see this polish I want it more and more. I just need to buy it! Yummy looking cupcakes!

Holly said...

I went there last time I was in DC! So yummy!

And I love the nail polish- super cute and springy :)

Jessica Estrella said...

I love Georgetown Cupcakes. I went to undergrad in DC so naturally cupcakes were a staple of my diet!

Polinefashion said...

Wow, amazing Blog! <3

Do you want to follow each other ? :)