Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Brooch Bouquet

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today I want to talk about the type of bouquet I plan on having for my wedding. 
I didn't want to go with the typical flower bouquet, they just don't last. 
I saw on Pinterest images of brooch bouquets and I was just swooning. I love them and think it's a great idea. 

So for our wedding that's what I plan on doing for the bouquets, including the bridesmaids. 
I'm excited about the fact that once I do make it and use it for our wedding I'll be able to keep it after. 
I even found shadow boxes I could put it in and include a picture of our wedding.

Here's just a couple images of inspiration I'll be using and a How-To on how to make it. Now I just need to order the supplies and try to make it!! Ahhh!

I can't decide whether to go with a classic rhinestone and pearl or the colors of our wedding so the bouquet pops against my dress. I guess we will see. 
I'm hoping the shoppe I want to go for the brooches has a sale Black Friday so I can finally purchase and make my bouquet!

Have a nice night!


Holly said...

What a pretty idea! My friend did origami for her bouquet, and it was so unique and beautiful! This will be great!