Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: I love you more than cupcakes

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

As you may or may not know I love cupcakes. 
It should be no surprise that I am going with a cupcake cake for the wedding. 
We still have not decided on who will be doing them but I know I want a two tier cake on top and cupcakes cascading down. 

Something like this, maybe a little less fancy and less flowers. Ok, maybe not like this at all. Haha. But this is the basic idea of how I want the cake.

I also have been on the hunt for a sign I found a Pinterest - "I love you more than cupcakes"
When we went to Pittsburgh, there was a little shop on the Strip District that carried all kind of things and low and behold they had my sign. It's going to be a sign I'll place on the cake table. 

I don't like the rustic look to it though, so I'm going to buy some black paint and clean it up a bit. :)

Have a great Wednesday night!
I'm looking forward to some delicious turkey and stuffing tomorrow. 


Holly said...

Happy Thanksgiving! (We did cupcakes for our wedding- definitely a great way to go!)

Unknown said...

What a great sign and the cake is so unique!