Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coastal Scents Brushes & Giveaway Announcement!!

I picked up two new brushes from CoastalScents.com. I absolutely love this website for my brushes. I bought brushes from there 2 or 3 years ago and still use them till this day. The only reason I bought again is because I wanted to get a new eyeshadow brush because the one I use everyday the pink is coming off the handle. And when you're only paying $2.00 for a good quality brush it's not a waste of money to buy another. So I kind of wanted to share the brushes I bought and also do a mini-comparison to my MAC 219 brush.


The brush that I use everyday is CoastalScents Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush. It's the brush I use everyday for my eyeshadows. It picks up color amazingly. It's only $1.95! Plus it's pink, how could you go wrong. :P The bristles are also amazing on these brushes, they're so soft, yet not too soft when it gets product everywhere, if you know what I mean. Plus, when washed, the bristles don't fall out, at all. You can check it out here

The one on the right is the everyday eyeshadow brush I use, the one on the left is the one comparable to MAC's 219.

The brush on the left I haven't had a chance to use, but I wanted to give it a try, because my MAC 219 I feel is a little rough on my crease area. I feel like the bristles pick at my skin. It's hard to explain. The coastal scents brush is called Pink Round Crease Eye Brush. You can check it out here & it's only $1.89 compared to how much I paid for the MAC 219 brush was $24.50. Which you can check out here. I can't give a proper comparison but the Coastal Scents brush is much softer but I'm not sure if it'll be too soft where I can't blend the colors. We'll see. When I do a smokey eye I'll let you guys know!! But here's a picture of the two brushes that I have.


Almost identical.

ANYWAY, I wanted to announce that once I reach 300 followers (I'm at 292 right now) I am going to be doing a giveaway!! If you would be so kind as to announce this to your friends I would love you forever. :D I'm not sure of the prizes yet, but I could promise that they will be amazing. Because if it wasn't for the followers I have I would not be blogging! I love you all, and I really appreciate you coming to my blog so I want to give something in return. :) Once I decide on the prizes I will announce them. So stay tuned!! But I have to reach 300 followers first, and I'm so close. Let's hope I get there by the end of summer so I could give away some awesome things!!!


Schnelle said...

I'm definitely going to pick up some brushes from Coastal Scents. I didn't realize how cheap they are if thy are comparable to MAC then, why not. Thanks!