Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ciate's Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar Review & Last Year's Comparison

Happy Tuesday!

I picked up the Ciate's Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar on Sephora's website which you can find here. It will set you back $60, but you get free shipping for spending over $50 and you get free samples. 

I am going to do a little comparison of last year's Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calendar with this years. 
There are only 3 out of the 24 nail polishes that are the same from last year:
Kiss Chase
Ivory Queen

I loved last year's packaging but this year's really took the cake. I love how they made it into a "Manor". It reminds me of a doll house when you open it up!

 These are the colors included. 

 As you can tell the packaging is much bigger this year than last year, which may be considered a downfall for some because of storage. But you may like the bigger look, completely preference. 

 Last year's numbers were much more visible. This year the numbers are in gold. Which I like.
 I love love love that they included pearls this year instead of the caviar beads like last year. Don't get me wrong I love the caviar beads but I also like switching it up! So the fact that they gave pearls gets me excited and I can't wait to use them in my nail art. 
By the way, I am going in order of the days. 

 From left to right:
Kiss Chase(same as last year), Cha Cha Cha, Meet me in MayFair, Girl with a Pearl
Meet me in MayFair is the feather nail polish that I haven't had a chance to use. Feather nail polish was huge this year so I'm looking forward to using them. 

 From left to right:
Espadrilles(such a pretty glitter red color!), Ivory Queen(same as last years), Loop the loop, Boom Box

 Not only do you get white pearls they also include black pearls.. ahh!

 Mineral Love (love this!), Prima Ballerina(this is glitter), Strawberry Milkshake(how cute is the name?), Back to Black Pearls

 From left to right: Superficial, Beach Bum, Let it Snow Glitter, Knee Highs

 From left to right:
Apple & Custard, Confetti, Talent Scout, Slumber Party glitter

 This year they are also giving you nail transfers, which are perfect for the season. I haven't tried any of Ciate's nail transfers so I'm excited to try them. (I'm not sure if Fair Isle is a permanent part of Ciate's line?)

From left to right: 
Power Dressing, Mistress, Celestial
Day 24 is always a full sized version of Ciate's nail polish. I like last year's better than this year's. Not to mention we have 3 silver glitter colors in this month's collection. 

Overall, I am extremely excited and Ciate did not disappoint. And I cannot wait for December 1 to apply the first color. 

I haven't decided if I'll post the nail colors every day on my blog but they will definitely be on my Instagram (vzaleski) or my Facebook page since I am trying to utilize that more, which can be found here.

Will you be purchasing this year's advent calendar?