Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ulta Haul

Happy Saturday!

Today I have a little Ulta haul to share. Last month I had my birthday coupon so I decided to make a trip plus I had 2X the points for my birthday month. I'm real close to making it to the next level for Ulta! 
As you can see I was in need of some new EOS lip balms. I live little eggs around my apartment, so they get used up rather quickly, I even have an EOS egg sitting on my desk at work. Hehe

You may have already seen this polish in my previous post. But I am show casing it again. It's the Zoya velvet matte polish. It's been all over Pinterest for a while now, but hasn't been in stores so when I saw it I grabbed it.

 The color is Poshmat. They do have more velvet colors, but I decided on this one.

This was also featured on my previous post. This was really an impulse buy and I should have bought something cheaper. I'm kind of regretting it, but it did work well when I wore it.

I've been looking for this EOS Coconut Milk lip balm for a while now. I feel like it's sold out every where. It really does smell like coconut milk - more milk than coconut. I use it everyday now. 

This is the limited edition Rachey Roy EOS collection. 

Calvin Klein mascara, it was Ulta's birthday gift for this year. I didn't even know Calvin Klein made makeup, do they just make mascara? 

The brush tip actually reminds me of the Buxom bristles. I have high hopes for this. I haven't tried it yet, I'm currently testing Model Co's Volume Eyes that came in my Ipsy October bag(which, btw, I'm loving!)

A cool "feature" the mascara does have is that the tip actually twists, I don't know how that actually works when you're using it because it's not like it locks into place. Have you tried this mascara?

This was on my Christmas Wish List but I decided to buy it early, in fear that it would be sold out by the time Christmas comes. You can find it here for $19. I didn't think that was too expensive considering you get a sample of mascara and an extra pad to change. I have no purchased a mascara wand in over 3 years. My Shuemura has lasted me forever.

That's all I have for you today. I went to Hobby Lobby and Christmas Tree Shop today so I will have more to share this coming week!

Have a great rest of your weekend. <3


Holly said...

I LOVE the lash curler! So cute :)

I bought a matte top coat a while back, but I haven't taken the time to bust it out yet...