Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Recap: Outfit, Blanket Scarf, DIY Christmas Cards, Gingerbread Houses

Happy Monday!

Happy super short week of work! 
Tomorrow's my last day of work before the holiday. :)

This past weekend was very eventful for me and I didn't even expect it to be.
I wanted to do a lot of cleaning this weekend because I knew we weren't going to be home for a while. Plus I'm "back logged" with taking pictures for my blog because there's no sunlight by the time I get home from work. SO aggravating!


I actually decided to make a pit stop on my way to work, something I never do because I would be late. But Friday I stopped for a hot chocolate, I think Sheetz has the best hot chocolate. I also wore my stripped maxi skirt, black cardigan with scarf my best friend got me last christmas and some black boots. It was a very comfy day.  

I also, finally, got my blanket scarf I've been waiting over a month for from It's HUGE! And I absolutely love it. 

I went through all my scrapbook stuff I get at the flea market for .50 each to make my Christmas cards with. 

Saturday night I spent my night listening to Christmas music and making my Christmas cards.
I really enjoyed myself, as sad as that sounds. Sometimes you just need me time and that's exactly what that night was. And I was very proud of my cards. I only need to make a few more. :)

I also brought out my Mr. & Mrs. pillows I got from Hobby Lobby and my new Ross throw blanket. (these items will be in a later haul) It definitely transformed our bed though, I really love it. 


I did some shopping at Joann Fabrics because I got a 60% off coupon, I picked up Christmas presents to make.

That night we decided to build our Gingerbread Houses. Unfortunately we couldn't complete them. They will have to wait until we get back from our little vacation.

As you can see I bought the Charlie Brown version. :)

Have a great night!

I most likely won't be able to blog tomorrow night because we are driving home because of the storm on Wednesday. So I will talk to you guys on Wedding Wednesday! 


Beautygirl24 said...

Sounds like the perfect relaxing weekend to me!
I love your bedding! The Mr. And Mrs. pillows are adorable! I hung our chair signs on either sides of the bed that also say mr. and mrs. It's a cute touch. Have a great trip!